Since it's being fixed, say how you're gonna beat the Arco Strike!

Me, I’m gonna use 23 Quetz, 21 Magna, 22 Gemini, and 22 Dracocerato.

Only problem: I don’t know who’s being sent out first.

If it’s blue and I start with Quetz, that’s the best case scenario. worst case being I start magna and it takes a full pounce from blue.

Dracocerato can cheap shot any easily except Indom g2, but can distract all but blue and besides that its a better option than Vexus.

Share your strategies!

Well, what is their team?

Blue, Arco, Indom G2, all level 30. I reached one just to see the team since I know what’s going on

All unboosted?

But of course

At least they are unboosted :joy:
Well, probably running Ardentis against blue, Magna against Acro and Tryko against Indom. 4th will be either Dio or Grypo, maybe.
Probably starting Ardentis hoping Blue comes first lol

Acro comes out 1st, then Blue, and finally Indominus gen 2

I finally did it


Oh, wait, have they fixed it already? Thanks for the info, O Smaug the Unassessably Wealthy!

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i read the title wrong and hopped back into my game to do the strike. was wondering why there wasn’t any on the map

In the past we’ve used Alankylosaurus to beat Blue by swapping in. With the right move order a level 20, maybe even lower could beat a level 30 Blue in her prime. Now it should be easy.

Acro comes first, so I’ll probably use Magna. Once Blue comes in, I’ll just swap to Rhino :joy: then Dio and Tryko should take care of Indom.

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The order they come in is random, isn’t it?

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it’s usually 1 of 2 openers, then the AI will choose the better option of what’s left once something goes down.

Ah. I remember some strikes in the past being completely random, back when I was lower-level and had to plan for each one. Those were the good old days, planning strike towers with @Pepito_Aie, @QueenRexy and the rest. Memories.


Well, I didnt know it :sweat_smile: now I dont know what to do, since most my dinos are 6 levels lower…

I prefer Smaug the Stupendous.
Or Smaug the Tyrannical.

But yeah, you can call me Smaug the Unassessably Wealthy.

What are your creatures?

tryko, quetz, magna and rinex is what i’m thinking.

Prob tryko Thor indoraptor (don’t ask why cause he’s just bad) and spyx

I would run erlikospyx for indom or acro, and tenonto for whatever, to counter blue, I would tryko and to clean up whatever else quetzorion for indom gen 2