Since it's being fixed, say how you're gonna beat the Arco Strike!

I’m gonna stick in Utarinex and then any other old rubbish as I doubt it will matter.

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Rinex. Good call.

I can’t see the strike tower . Did it disappeared

The ones I said earlier, Magna, Tryko, Dio, Ardentis… But I should be able to beat it :+1:t4:

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What about calling you “O Smaug, Chiefest and Greatest of all Calamities”?

Probably being fixed :+1:t4:

I’m gonna use my secret strategy called winning

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Indoraptor,indominus rex, drakorat,indoraptor gen 2

Hmm. That’s similar to mine you cheat.

i beat it. Tryko, Orion, Rinex and magna (unused). all unboosted.

I recording my take. Tryko, Gemini, Magna, and Orion.

Tower is out now… beat it…not bad at all

Yeah I’m gonna post my recorded take here when I’m done… what happened was awesome

Used a level 20 Alankylosaurus and level 24 Erlikospyx, both unboosted. Brought 29 Rixis and 20 Spinonyx, both unused.
Spyx landed 2 crits, but I’m pretty sure only one of them was needed, if that.

Did the tower with tenrex, tuora and maxima

I used boosted Rinex only.

Lost twice

Those were good days. :grinning::t_rex::sauropod:

Extremely grateful from all the help from everyone to help plan the epic towers in the past. 🥲


It was close, but I did it! I got lucky Acro didnt crit me once

And also got some legendary DNA from it! Worth it

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Nice i can’t try it again