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Since Jurassic World Primal Ops and Dominion are coming soon I've decided to make new creatures for both Primal Ops and Dominion repsectively

So since new JW Game called Primal Ops is gonna come out I was thinking about doing a big update for JWA which adds a lot of new creatures into the game and also that will also promote Dominion.
New Non-Hybrids
Yes I used it’s Primal Ops picture.
It will look like it’s JP3 self.
Dilophosaurus Gen 3
The 2nd Gen 3
The first aquatic creature in the game
It will look like it’s Dominion self
I wanted it in the game
Ouranosaurus Gen 2
Can be fused into a new Gen 2 Hybrid coming soon
Rexy v2
New Hybrids
Finally a Troodon hybrid
Is based off of something on DA
Not to be confused with Gigantoraptor.
Indominus Rex Gen 3
I-rex Gen 3!
Another DA inspired hybrid
New Super Hybrids
A Rexy Super-Hybrid.
Inspired by how Indoraptor is made from an Indominus rex and a Velociraptor.
I wanted to make it so bad
Indoraptor Gen 3
Indoraptor Gen 3!!!
New Mega Hybrids
First flying flock creature
Just a Diorajasaur hybrid
Just what it is

Thanks to the creator of the Nyctotherium for the creature itself and to xPonyBr007 for the Ceratosaurus and Blue Hybrid idea

Don’t tell him that gigantoraptor is already a real creature


That’s Giga-NOTO-raptor. Not Gigantoraptor.

Speaking of primal ops, still no clue when it comes for android?

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Agujaceratops, giganotosaurus, ouranosaurus gen 2, agujaceradon, giganotoraptor and baryspinonyx all need basic 0 cooldown moves
What is wrong with megazostrodon’s stats?
2 high pounces for agujaceradon?
Personally I would like to see a lot of these creatures in game

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There’s a lot here to unpack, so I’ll just put it all out.

Why is this a Legendary, and for that matter why is this the only thing from Primal, and Giga the only thing from Dominion (what about Atrociraptor)?

Please, no more Gen 3s, same goes with hybrids.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to post this as part of an Aquatic thread?

Spinonyx is already a redundant hybrid considering that it uses 2 Spinosaurs, so there’s not much that can be done with Baryspino. And why is this a Daring?

Why is this a Unique but every other mega hybrid an Apex?

It would’ve been a Wildcard but there’s no Fierce moves, so it shouldn’t be a Heavy either. More like a Determined.


At this point I’m only praying that you’re joking and doing this to see people’s reaction


Hmm I mean yeah Edestus would fit more to an Aquatic Thread

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To be fair there’s only one mega hybrid that also happens to be an apex. So we can’t say for sure if there won’t be mega hybrids for uniques in the future.

No, I mean what is what OP did with Dio and Stygidary, plus Indoraptor Gen 3 and the other hybrid with Rexy.