Since next weeks event has been posted what creatures do you think will be in it

The theme is cute. For commons I think it should be the flying lizards, Sinosauropteryx, Diplocaulus, and Stygi G2. For rares Diplocaulus G2, Dracorex G2, and Compy G2. For epics Bumpy, Sinoceratops, Edaphosaurus. For legendaries Para lux and Ardont. For Uniques Smilonemys and Parasauthops. What do you think should be in next weeks event.

Information about next week

I agree because Para Lux should be in something! It’s the only legendary that you can’t fuse from 2 other dinos. It isn’t in events and it’s not visible on the map! After driving around for 2 days, with my app open, not doing anything but looking for Para Lux and not finding not one single one. I can conclude that they’re not even placed in enough locations or spawn often enough that you’ll find some. Ludia please give us an event with Para Lux