Since rank 10 only lvl 30 creature-bots left?


talking about artificial intelligence makes no sense if you give the bots only lvl 30 creatures at hand as soon as you cross rank 50 - the bots dont need intelligence atall from then on. simple brute force with regular dinosaurs will do the job pretty well to stop progressing players as i had to notice the last days the boring hard way. so dont wonder if it starts getting a little bit annoying from this point on when you reach rank 50.

i hope these bots are only in the game as long as there are not enough players, because i play the game to fight with other (human) players and to collect dinosaurs, fighting ai-bots makes the game useless somehow … and for sure it is no fun to fight stupidly overpowerded lvl 30 brute force bots in times when not enough players are online.

it is more like one step up (player) two steps back (ai-bots) then. so you see the first lvl 30 suchatator opponent, lay the mobile aside, wait the fight to be done and look for a new oponent.

anyway a ranking system of players should not involve ai bots anyway… only my opinion.



bots bots i can not fight level 30