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Since required dinos are locked in arena incubators, why do we need VIP?


The only advantage that gives you VIP account is more DNA from hunting wild dinos. You can reach them from 200m, battery is 30% longer. But since Ludia made ingredients for strong dinos locked in arena incubator, there’s no more need in VIP. You can hunt more then enough erli gen2 without it cause you’ll always be in need of bary gen 2. The same with irritators.

So no dinos to hunt – no VIP.


I canceled vip back in December and dont miss it… that said you do get a bigger defeat 10 creatures incubator with vip so more coins and more dna in those.


Good reflection It does not make sense to go out there to hunt, the best the game had. Now it is simply a “fight” game in which to get better your “fighters” you must pay more. For me it was a great game of “search with augmented reality”. Now it’s a “fight” game that I can not say if it’s good or bad because I do not like fighting games.


I see the daily migrations as a step in the right direction for hunting not only does it get some stuff out of parks which is nice but it actually makes parks better as their not so dilluted.

My only issue with them is some days like Wednesday are kinda garbage compared to thursday where all the spawns look good… i plan on going out in the rain tomorrow just to unlock marsupial…


That was one of the reason I cancelled my VIP last December. The other one was that I didn’t need VIP to catch suchominus. If you really think about it, you pay VIP for a whole month and take advantage of it, luckily, 2-3 days when they feature an interesting epic/rare/legendary/unique… It doesn’t make much sense to pay VIP consistently. If you’re willing to pay, it’d be smarter to activate it the day you’re going to really take advantage.


Marsupial Lion is a beast…

Lvl 6 can be used in taking down lvl 14 dinos.

As for the migration, I am surprised the days sync since I thought it would still be Wednesday’s spawns now.


These days I think the VIP is better for the casual player and those who aren’t otherwise going to pay 2 win players. As a casual otherwise free 2 play player I am happy to pay a minimal monthly amount to support the game and for the extra range and few seconds of battery life.


Honestly… in terms of money spent if your not taking advantage of the boosts sales you should cancel vip for month and get yourself some boosts… i had enough hard cash i bought them both days so far and i spread them around pretty evenly except lower level dinos were boosted first and my highest leveled thor doesnt get boosts atm.

My with tier 4 health and power boosts and tier 2 speed boosts. My 22 tryo has stats higher then a lvl 25 and 136 speed to boot. And these upgrade costs me 0 coins allowing me to focus my coins on leveling the new dinos.


I also keep the VIP as support for the game rather than the returns I get from it.

I still do not know too well how the theme of the purchase of Boost works, although I’m not particularly excited about artificially raising my dinos. I should read the corresponding metahub article.

I suppose that, like me, many of us are at the crossroads. If we do not buy Boost all the effort of months of searching will not help at all. If we buy them, three things can happen and none I like:

We will always be behind who spends more than us. This will make me angry.

We will have spent money to get back to the starting point against whoever spends just like us. This will seem useless to me.

We will gain an advantage over those who do not want or can not spend like us. This does not satisfy me.

Of course I think that the creators of the game must earn money to be able to maintain the game and this implies that who spends more money must have advantages. This was already the case until now but now there was a balance. Someone who hunted many hours without VIP could compete with someone who hunted less hours with VIP and with someone who did not hunt but spent thousands of dollars. Now, I think the balance is broken.