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Since the update


So I’ve continued to play since this update regularly, and I have a few thoughts.
Background: downloaded this game a few months ago I think, but I didn’t actually open up the game until Nov 9, at the time of the update I had three characters at lvl 7 and three at lvl 6, with one at the cusp of lvl 7. Lost that.
I was really enjoying the game except for the XP cap.

Since then I’ve worked for levels mostly for the lvl 6s because I get the last character with five lvl ups. I’ve been getting chests every four hours which has been funding my challenge runs. As for the story I’ve beaten the first fire giant and I’m not able to get any further. When i do the first challenge (only one I can) I get all three dice about half the time. Usually take money unless it’s a card I want. More runs right, lol.
So now, after 8 days with the update my characters are:
One at seven halfway to eight
Two at seven one third of the way to eight
One at six halfway to seven
And two that I finally got to level seven today!

I know this has been said, that the game has slowed to a halt with this update. I just wanted to lay out what it’s been like for me at level six/seven. I can’t even imagine the higher levels, that’s unthinkable. I would also like to point out that I would never start playing a game that’s so insanely slow.

I haven’t bought or spent any gems yet, as I generally don’t during betas. Although the cost ratio is very wrong right now and I wouldn’t buy gems at their current value anyways.

New update

100% agree.i was hoping the devs would do what they said they would do and address our concerns. Still waiting.

It’s WAY worse when you’re a higher level. I’ve barely made a dent in the XP of any of my characters.

I have 3k less gold than i did when the update went live and have absolutely nothing to show for it.


I have not played and will not until I at least see the ability to acquire more legendary pieces.


I’m using this post to demonstrate that the game isn’t broken as much as everyone seems to think. Since this post, 2.5 months ago, I’ve gotten 3 characters to level 10, 2 at 9.5, and 2 at 9. So 3 levels for each character, plus one from zero to 9!!! I’ve also gone up 3 renown levels, and am on the last level of harvestshield mountain facing the young Red Dragon. I also have between 4 and 8 upgrades I can do for each character if I had the gold. This is my main issue with the game. So my strategy is to stock up on upgrades until I have enough for a level, spend the gems I’ve accumulated on gold, and level up characters one at a time.
I don’t even notice the XP from battles, it’s nothing compared to leveling up a few epics. This would be my second issue, not enough ways to get epics and legendaries. But it’s going alright.

I always get 3 dice on the first challenge, can usually get 3 on the second challenge, and 2 dice on the third. Although right now I can’t because Regen isn’t working.

I think this is a decent amount to progress, if it was tonnes faster I’d get to level 20 and there would be nothing to do. I usually only log on to get my free chest and free challenge, then I get laerels quest finished. Every now and then I pay for a few challenges but not too often. So I’m not even playing that much. I like upgrading gear and getting stronger, trying out different combos of gear and characters. This game is a slow burn, not rush as fast as you can to the end. The only big problem is lack of gold.


Ah you see, the issue is NOT the beginning progression like you’re mentioning. That’s the easy part.


It will take you just as long, if not longer from 10-11 for each character than it did from 0-10. Then, like the rest of us, not be able to progress past this point without spending hundreds.

The people who have all brought this up to the devs have already hit the paywall that you’re about to. I personally have played since very late May/ early June according to my discord history, so we are very well aware of the slow burn. No one was asking to rush up in levels. Saying this: since the gold and glory update I have absolutely no gold at all. It was all spent on upgrades to try and level my characters, which take 140000 XP each. That’s 70k+ per character.

Good luck to you.


They have increased experience on dungeon runs by a minute increase regarding bosses. Gave a few gifts.

Over all maybe a 5% improvement


I should correct myself on this, I can get 3 dice on the frost silver challenge most of the time barring critical hits from the enemy. A level 14 monster OHKOs a level 9/10 character when it crits. Also, since the update the boss in hidden forge uses the fire sword (never misses, and does damage twice) all the time now, so I can no longer get the second dice.


Has anyone else noticed their renown marker(?) drastically increased the number of levels required to advance? I currently am showing 18/7 level ups to gain my next renown level. seems like something is amiss.