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Since they flagged my anger post! Here is round two!


I went back in and spend the 200 hard cash. Bitter sweet vengeance was mine!

First up was Delta vs. Stegodeus (18).
Delta: pounce- Stegodeus superior strike
Delta: strike - stegodeus armor pierce
Delta: 27 hp impact and run CRIT Stegodeus dies

Echo replaces Delta
Monostegotops replaces stegodeus

Echo pounces mono slows
Mono stunning strike leave 1000 hp left failed to stun
Echo nullifying CRITS killing Mono
Stegoceritops comes out
Echo pounces cuts stego to about half
Stego slows killing echo

Charlie comes out and regular stikes thinks to my self shoot this is close
Stego G stun Charlie is stuck
Stego reg stun Charlie stays stunned
Stego normal attacks Charlie dies

at this point delta returns and I’m panicked I will lose again. One poince and I’m done for! I look at my team who is left… tragodisis! I couldn’t hit the swap button fast enough!

Delta pounces cutting tragodisis health in half!
Tragodisis counters who cares the damage all the raptors are dead!!!

That was round two!


That sounds like a stressful match … here’s a :cookie: :trophy:

I’m over here just having fun starting off with my diloranosaurus, killing off the first raptor, and letting my stegodeus finish off the other two :man_shrugging:t3:


Open with Owen, match over.