Since they gave it 2 hit and run moves

How about Utarinex’s stunning rampage and run become BERSERK stunning rampage and run…

50% health loss using it.

Definitely a no. Rinex is still a lot weaker than other tyrant creatures

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Who said anything about tyrant? There are far more players in the mid-game than there are in the end game. Something with the insane move set that Rinex now has needs a little con to go with all the pro. Since Ludia is all big on the swap ins and outs and the adding the “Berserk” title, why not give it to the R&R and let people strategically decide which hit and run move to utilize?

Frankly, I think they need to start adding more positive swap out effects to the creature staying since they’re going all in on the swap baloney. It was fun when there were a few creatures that added some elements of surprise and strategic thinking, but now? I don’t try and play the creature in front of me much anymore, rather try and play for the creature the opponent is going to swap to…

Or we could give it back normal DI. Though the 1 turn cooldown will help in raids.