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Since we know there's a boost refund coming

Are your boosting habits going to change?
Since we’re going to get everything back, you could go all out and boost that one creature you really like, or use up those tiers you were saving for new hybrids.
I’m contemplating boosting some of my creatures myself.

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I use my boosts as I get them so nothing will change - although if I get some more I may boost some tourney creatures

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i’m thinking of boosting a few more creatures in my line up just for the heck of it. Constrictor in health and possibly Gemini in damage.

I’m thinking of going unboosted honestly, not sure though but maybe.

Oh - sorry - I thought you meant between now and the reset; post reset I will go unboosted until I get my head round the changes and decide on my new(?) arena team.

I do mean between now and the reset, lol.
@anon51787916, I don’t mean after the reset.

Yeah, once the boost reset comes I may go unboosted.