Since we MUST wait... what state are you in?


Might as well mingle, right? I’ll kick it off- I’m from the mitten, Michigan. And no… I don’t live in Detroit. :joy:


True :joy: i’m from Lisbon, Portugal! :grin:


California (southern part)~


Im here in Sunny Buffalo, NY…


I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


South Florida! You will all be coming here Very very soon! That first winter blizzard I will be hunting dinosaurs! All you northern US and Canadians that have been enjoying the nice spring and summer while we all bake like potatoes in the sun will be crying while we are laughing :laughing: Bwahahahaha!!:joy::joy:


There really is a place called Kalamazoo, Michigan


Hello to the friendly people with non-creepy senses of humor. :wink:


Georgia. Suburbs of Atlanta.


Naprawdę nie mieszkam w Polsce, w Słupsku.


Sorry :neutral_face::joy:! I hope I’m not a creepy one!


In Michigan for the past few years the snow hasn’t been so bad


You totally are the creepy one, predicting sadness and doom on us northern folk. Hahaha :grin:


Where in soflo? Actually am going there next month :joy::joy::joy:


I’m from Edinburgh, Scotland!


The update is now live and ready for download! Stop mingling !


Agreed! Besides the windchill going below -25°, the snow has been manageable. Thank god.


Pompano beach! The worst dinosaur hunting ground in the world! I don’t recommend coming here! Unless you need 500 daily lythronax :joy::joy:! But do come for the beach it’s a great place to live just an awful place to hunt dinosaurs :joy:


Sunny Hawaii, baby.
Great hunting weather, limited biomes.


Beam me up Scotty! :joy: Sorry but I can’t think of anyone from Scotland without thinking about Montgomery Scott!