Since We Seem To Be Getting Cenezoics

I’m not a fan of this as I want creatures that DON’T look like modern ones. But I have a suggestion for five creatures that could serve a purpose. These are Long-Horn Bison, Bootherium, Eohippus, Gigantopithicus and Nuralagus. I’m not saying that I actually want these, but if we simply MUST have Cenozoics, why not complete the calendar for Chinese New Year?

Tiger: Smilodon
Rabbit: Nuralagus
Dragon: Dracorex
Snake: Titanoboa
Horse: Eohippus
Goat: Bootherium
Monkey: Gigantopithicus
Rooster: Kelenken/Phorusrhacos
Dog: Amphicyon
Pig: Archaeotherium/Entelodon
Rat: Dracoceratops
Ox: Long-Horn Bison

Paraceratherium, Uintatherium, Platybelodon and Gastornis would be the only other four creature that I wouldn’t mind seeing at the moment. We certainly don’t need another deer.



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I would definitely like to see new Cenozoics or recently extinct creatures in the game, like Procoptodon and Thylacine/Tasmanian Wolf!


Honestly, I’m not interested in that one bit.
I downloaded this game mostly for the idea that I could see dinosaurs in AI. There are so many dinosaurs we haven’t even seen yet.

I loveTasmanian wolf

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We’re getting the short faced bear in the game eventually and so is the broad fronted stagmoose (oh god why another deer? Oh deer…)


You forgot Dire Wolf, Dire Bear and Yutyrannus.

rat should be Josephoartigasia

A collosal rodent human sized that existed

I have to admit, I’m a little perplexed.

We have barely passed 10% of all known dinosaur species as having appeared in the game. There is a TON of Mesozoic biodiversity that is untapped - whole genuses and clades of dinosaurs such as Hysilophodonts, Heterodontosaurids, Plateosaurids, Scleidiosaurids, Herrerasaurs and Basal Ceratopsids, just to name a few, and you all want Kangaroos and Bears?

Sure, when we are approaching 50% of all dinosaur species and models begin to become more redundant? Sure, but as it is, If we simply MUST have more cenezoics, I world prefer them to be distinctive designs (see: Paraceratherium) or serve a purpose like the one I mentioned in the body of this post. Cenezoics are not my primary purpose for downloading this game, and if this keeps up, it might see me deleting the app to be honest.