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Since when can a DracoRat be faster than a Procerathomimus?

Tournament, no boosts, equal levels. How come?

If he uses “Minimal Speedup Strike” twice in a row,it’s possible!

109 +10% = 119,9
119,9 +10% = 131,89


kinda surprised it was able to get the chance. things with minimal speed up are kinda glass cannons.


Are we honestly surprised by this they also have this thing an acute stun the only one in the game I mind you not to ceratopsians, pachys, or hadrosaur but to this

Also shouldn’t it have decel what the heck

Oh look it’s the former mascot outspeeding one of the new mascots. Too bad in the tourney they don’t have all maxxed boosts applied. This pic makes me sick xD


DC? Wow so there are still some who actually use that thing?:thinking::joy:


i wonder the same thing everyday after 1.11 release.
and I’m glad to see a player using it against me.

but for this post, i wonder how a draconerfed can survive enough against a yoshi to speedup twice.

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Bet that it swapped in. Used speed up to kill the last dino. Procera used instant distract whereas dc used speed up again. Now a rampage ended yoshi.


well, but won’t kill anyway. rampage would let yoshi with 600 hp while yoshi’s 2x move kill draconerf.

but it’s a great strategy anyway, i like it. :clap:

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Wouldn’t it be more like 130.8? Or do speed buffs not stack the same way with each other as they do with deceleration in this game?

Basically, the buffs don’t account for each other or for debuffs normally (they’re based off of base stats and their move multipliers exclusively), but in your calculation, you did.
However, your result seems to match the situation pictured, unless that DC used MSS 3 times in a row, which is possible, but seems unlikely.

my old question was:
the 2nd speedup % is to new speed, or base speed?
i mean: the 2nd time we have:

  • 20% to 109
  • 10% to 119.9?

the situation posted by @cedpo answered me it’s to new speed… 10% to 119.9.

this means we have a possibility of a rare 3rd turn with 145 speed.


I assumed it’s base speed, because if you’re Decelerated after speeding up it goes off base. But if you speed up twice, I’m not sure, but I would assume it’s off base. That would mean that the one in the picture used MSS three times in a row, as I explained.

Needs confirmation.

Paul, that was it. I was unaware that speed ups were cumulative. Still, 109+20%=130.8, still slower than Yoshi. So it’s probably 109+10.9=119.9+11.99=131.89 as someone pointed.

So that means Indo g2 is also cumulative, with 154.88 after using twice its basic move?

Ludia could explain better how stuff like this is calculated. That DC really caught me off guard…

Only Yoshi didn’t use instant distract. Don’t remember exactly but I think it had just came in. I don’t remember anymore, whatever…

Indo g2 absolutely does stack. I was up against quetzo the other day. My indo has 130 speed. His quetzo had 136.

I used cautious strike on his swap. His first move was sidestep. But I used cautious strike again and the the cautious strikes in a row had me faster than him after his speed up move.

Oh, we know it stacks. The question regarding the stacking was whether each speedup affects the percentage of the next, whether they are cumulative, as @cedpo put it, as opposed to each speedup being calculated off of the base speed.

I see. It’s pretty minimal though isn’t it? In the case of the indo - unless I’m doing the math wrong which is possible - 130 speed after a speed up strike/cautious strike, etc = 143 (130+13). The stack is then either - 156 (143+13) or 157 (143+14).

Exactly. It is minimal, but in the case of Dracoceratops, that means the difference between outspeeding Procerathomimus and not.

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Like Qaw said. 1 speed can be the difference between winning and losing…