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Since When Did The Older Cenozoic Creatures Get Buffed

I haven’t played since 2018 so imagine my surprise when I installed the game again in 2021 to see that my LV 40 Smilodon is no longer a Super Rare but a Tournament tier creature with absurd stats. Same applies to my LV 40 Megatherium which was already a beefy normal legendary but got boosted in Tournament legendary tier. Andrewsarchus used to be a mere Rare but now it’s a competent normal legendary too.

I guess Ludia wanted Cenozoic creatures to be just as normally strong as the Aquatic creatures who also only come in two rarities?

While the change almost broke my Cenozoic battle balance (Smilodon and Megatherium pretty much carry my teams now) I just want to say that it’s a pleasant surprise.

Well, now I can get myself a LV 40 Wooly Mammoth, Titanoboa, and Gastornis without worrying too much about my Cenozoic battle balance since my Smilodon and Megatherium suddenly became Tournament creatures themselves anyway. Yay!


Because of the limited supply of dinos vs the plethora of Jurassic-era dinos. Thus anything below Super Rare is kinda useless.

IMHO, the rebalance was to lower the gap between useable Cenos, whereas in Jurassic the rarities allows new players to slowly increase their lineups. Thus it’s kinda a moot point to have 1/3 of Cenos become completely awful when the Biodome unlocks at a given level, on top of a limited supply of Cenozoic dinos. Idk how well I explained this.


I can’t imagine your surprise when you saw the hundreds of new creatures that came out: from Indoraptor gen 2 to Brachiosaurus!