Since yesterday-ish the game will freeze requiring reloading all the time


It just searches & never connects unless I close the app & load it back up, no big deal but would be cool to not have to wait for it to boot up when I just want to check the area I’m in real quick.


Hey Will_For_You, some of the troubleshooting steps on this thread here might help if you try them: Stuck on loaded screen of game?
If you’re still having issues after trying those steps, feel free to reach out to our support team here at with your support key, and they might be able to provide further assistance.


No this did not work, just hangs a lot forcing a restart. It’s not on a loading screen, hangs at any point. Phone is fine it’s a brand new Note 8


I also have a Note 8. It is NOT my wifi and I have unlimited data. Glitch after glitch, freezing up often. I have to restart frequently as well. It’s very frustrating, that’s for sure!


Glad to know it’s just not me, it happens regardless of my mobile network or if I use home wifi


Still having loading issues once the game has been booted, not stuck in a loading screen just looking to see if any dinos are in the area & it won’t stop loading on the actual map


My fiancé is having problems with freezing on iphone8 for the last few days. No probs on my iphoneX. Happened 3 times last night when we were out and about. None for me. Just giving a heads up to developers…


Mine freeze in battle and i lost 2 battles due to that. Battle was ongoing and i could select the moves but could not see the dinos changing and did not know what was happening!


Hey Ned can you get support to look into this? I seems to be happening to a number of people, I’ve physically seen it happen on x3 different phones two Note 8’s & an S8


My game was freezing up the last couple days just after a download update. It would freeze right after darting and then I would not get credit for DNA. Then when I killed the game and reloaded the epic I was doing was gone. It froze up a couple times on spinning drops.

This adds freezing up along with the constant disconnects from Google Play, disconnects from JWA and the most god awful annoying feature of the game, the GPS gets a hung up process and quits following you.

The freezing up, disconnects from Google Play and the GPS hang ups is an automatic kill and reload which still takes longer than shutting down and rebooting my phone.

I really wish they would work on fixing the flakeyness of this unstable app. Why must we hit a reconnect button at all? it should just automatically connect when disconnected.

I’ve never had an app that had me spitting out so many choice words as this one.