Singe worst tournament ever

From matchmaking to trophy awards and losses to DC and mega boosted who knows what!

Likely the last one I ever enter unless things change… of course, if they do change we’ll never know because they don’t tell us anything!


I don’t have a issue with the trophies honestly.

Its the over boosted Draco’s having problems with.


I win I get around 20.
I lose, around 40.

That’s the problem I have.

I’m not having that problem. I normally lose/ gain 25-35.

Do you have video or screen shots of every battle where your lose/gain was like that?

Nope, but my highest loss was 46 and my smallest gain was 11.

Sorry you’re experiencing this problem.

My average gain/loss is 27. I honestly don’t really care about my trophy count though because I’ll never be back to where I was before boosts. My team level is a 4700-4800 trophy count, but due to boosts I’m struggling to stay around 4300.

Its pathetic and depressing. Never before have I played a game that causes so much depression and anger.

The arena is fine, I’m referring to this tournament.

In the regular arena I have made it almost back to where I was before 1.7

Ah, well, I’m seeing similar results I’m the tournament. shrug

I was recently matched with the no. 2 player who had about 797 trophies; I had 401. I lost and it cost me 1 trophy (currently 400, rank 350). Idk how many he gained, but he’s currently at 810.

It appears the mm is entirely trophy-based, like pre-1.7 in the arena.

My main gripe is the poorly shuffled dinos tbh. I mean the shuffling on this game has never really been brilliant, but I shouldn’t be getting 3/4 of the same dinos for 4 battles in a row.

Of course boosted DCs are a nuisance too. But again, thanks to the RNG, mine hasn’t been included in the team for about 10+ battles now, so I can’t even fight fire with fire.

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YES!! This too! I have been noticing this!

I’m being matched with top players only and it’s takes forever to find matches and when I do it freezes -doesn’t let me select attack also boots me from matches and it’s way worse today… unbelievable honestly this games gone down the toilet … the more you report bugs the worse it gets.

Please fix the game before starting any tourneys or new updates with dinos and features…

Yep… I said the same to myself, but I’ll keep participating if it’s cheap, because it’s easy to get some profit… I was raging with all these BS you’ve all said, so I stopped right after some victories, getting lucky with team selection. And for hours now I see I’m slowly dropping, and just praying I’m still among top 250 tomorrow (the difference in rewards for 250 to 500 is huge).

It amazes me how by just taking out the Epics, this tournament ended up being so much worse than the last one, at least for me (and many others, judging by what I’ve seen)

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