Single Player Group PvP Tournaments - For JWA 3.0

This wasn’t my idea. I’m just thinking how this would work. This would be something that could replace the weekend PvP tournaments but points will be earned toward the monthly alliance goals.

You set up 3 different teams of each type. Fierce - Resilient - Cunning

Each team can have any creature with its perspective class icon and are allowed up to two wildcard creatures.
You cannot use the same creature on two different teams. For example, Parasauthops is a cunning resilient creature. You cannot have it on both your cunning and resilient team.

In general, your fierce team is your big damage dealers. Your resilient team will be your healing team and your cunning team is your de-buffing team.


When you go into battle, you have 30 seconds, like raids, to choose all of your 3 creatures moves.
It will automatically pop up in order your fierce then resilient and then cunning. As soon as you pick your move, it pops up the next creature for you to choose its move and so on to the last. After you pick your last creatures move, the panel slides back down. When both players have finished choosing their teams moves, the turn will begin.

Like raids, creatures will attack according to their speed or who picked the move first and change based on moves such as group speed or nullify or slow. Unlike raids, you can swap. Swapping only triggers an anti-swap creature when that creature has yours targeted for an attack otherwise just because there is a creatures that has an anti-swap move it will not trigger for just any swapper.

The match is over when 3 of the 4 creatures on each of your teams are knocked out.

Because these matches are going to last as long as raids, there should be 3 times the amount of points earned for each win. Instead of 30 points, it should be like 90. Losing should still only be 30 or 40 at the most. This way if a player is on a 50/50 win/lose run, they will still progress a little and earn points toward alliance rewards.

All takedowns should count as a point toward the alliance rewards for both teams. So the winning team will actually get 99 points and the losing team will get 1 to 8 points, depending on how many of their opponents creatures they knocked out. More players will play if they know losing isn’t going to be a total loss.

With 3 teams of creatures, you get the 1000 bonus points for 30 takedowns instead of 10.

This same concept could be used for Team PvP where 3 players play against 3 players.