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Singles' Day Solo Treasure Hunt not for everyone?

So, I just landed in a different country where I have some relatives staying…and when those relatives open up their map they have a Singles’ Day treasure hunt. Whereas when I open up my map there’s absolutely nothing, even after reloading the game.

Why is it that only some people get access to the Singles’ Day Treasure Hunt?? From what I can tell, there’s 11111 coins per day available for 10 days (so over a hundred thousand worth of coins). That’s a really unfair advantage to give any player.

And as far as I can tell, Singles Day isn’t a unique national holiday…(for one I’m not in China, yet my relatives can see the treasure boxes), it’s now more or less a global sales event (and indeed everyone gets access to the Singles’ Day Solo Bundle, but not to the 11111 coins??

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This is the first time I’m hearing about this. I thought it was only for items in the shop, not a treasure chase. That’s kind of unfair

I’m going to guess… Canada?


Nothing abnormal for Ludia… they do this kind of stuff all the time

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Nope…surprising, I know :joy:

We also have 50 attempts at Echo and Blue event going on. Indo gen 2 going to flood the arena soon…


Here are some screen captures I got off their phones:


They could at least announce they do or are doing special thing for other countries that if we visit would not be able to participate in.

I suppose we’d see “That’s not fair” threads.

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Feel free to tell us where you are any time… not like you’re protecting Ludia or anything.

(My original reply on this got flagged even though I didn’t use a single swear word)

I’m not sure if the Canadian events suffer from the same issue, but in this case, I’m in the same country! Standing next to people who can see and open the Singles’ Day treasure chests just fine!

Makes it all the more frustrating

What? Any screen shot proofs. Please.

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Oh, I was recently recalling that Raptor event during the NBA playoffs…

Which is…??

Yeah they were nice too.

I havent seen those singles day chests anywhere.

The OP seems coy about saying which country it actually is, for some reason.

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I assume the Chinese version of the game has the single day stuff programmed in where others don’t which is why we would not be able to see the chests.

I dont know what event the OP is talking about. I know we dont have one here in Canada. Was joking about the blue and echo as everyone likes to think we get extra events here.