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Singles' Day Solo Treasure Hunt not for everyone?

I’m living in Russia, and I have chests spreading around city. Already collected first bunch of money.

Thank you for clarification.

So, @Ned @Jorge… care to explain?

Not sure about everyone else…but I’m in Singapore (which, fyi, is not part of China, it’s an independent nation) and I can see the Singles’ Day treasure chests.

If some people are unable to access them, that’s really unfair. Seems like everyone is able to access the Singles’ Day stuff that involves giving Ludia money (i.e. the Solo Bundle), so why not this??

We can’t see next week’s calendar yet and it is already Monday on the other side of the world. We may get the singles day stuff here… when Monday gets here.

We have this new singles chase here in Singapore too.

Started on Sunday night for us.

Ahh… this seems to make some sense. I’ll wait until tomorrow to see what happens.

Considering how absolutely inadequate, sophomoric, and convoluted their social media agenda is, chances are some wasted intern forgot to hit the “enter” button on the event schedule post timer.

Hang on a second, there’s a special event on?
And it depends where you are in the world as to whether or not you can be a part of it?
That’s not the kind of thing Ludia would do is it?

I suggest we all wait until tomorrow to see for sure if we will be getting these chests or not.

I’m in Australia, same time zone as Singapore (which a few other posters mentioned)…nothing.

This is ridiculous.

It is really unfair if such events are not shared worldwide.

Ludia does this all the time. I’m not shocked there is an event for a limited few. There have been a few events that were either Canadian exclusive, theater exclusive, theme park exclusive, etc. For a company that worries a lot about unbalanced arenas, they have a funny way of showing it. But it is what it is. If Ludia wants to do an exclusive event, so be it. But they should be prepared to face the backlash from the people who deem it unfair…

I hope we can get these coins tomorrow too. I’m in USA eastern time and at coin reset we did not get any treasure boxes but I guess if it happens it’ll be in the morning.

I’m personally ok with companies doing specific location events. What i don’t find fair is not announcing it to everyone.
POGO did safari events and increased spawns of certain pokemon at different places and countries. And not all of them gave rewards for the rest of the player base. They announced these things for everyone tho.

Singles Day Treasure Chests. Since I’m married, I don’t really look forward to participating…:joy:

Wait right now? In Canada? I’m in Canada but see none of that lol. Unless you’re talking about back when Raptors went to playoffs

Personally…location limited events on a AR geo-location based game is fine by me, but I think that everyone in the same place should be able to access the same events.

It’s very frustrating to open up your map, and see something completely different from the person next to you for no good reason (things like scents obviously excluded).

Pretty sure its an anti spoofing safe guard… from what i can gather the montreal event was the first to have such restrictions.

If your phone is set to a different time zone than your family members’ phone, it might matter. Sometimes the language may have an effect also.