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Sino event suggestion


The most crapy event ever :-1: drove hours in L1 for days , nothing… why not a week long daily tasks and when you reached the daily goal a sino pops up??? Something like in pogo go??


And Maby An idea to do a week long tasks. Like spin stops and breed incubators. And when you succeed An epic dino (each month a different one) pops up. Seems more fun than Always the free bird DNA

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I’m actually happy with sino vs grypo event. Only saw 2 grypos. I’ve darted 4 sinos now. Pretty content so far considering I never see sinos.


So far it seemed to me like they appear more readily in their usual area (L1) since last time i was there 2 Sinos randomly showed up and they never do unless I have a scent,
and are the rarest of epics in the other areas (for me that is). Did a 1 hr walk around my L2 town and along with an epic scent, darted 8 Epics…but none were Sino…


I’ve seen only one wild sino spawn in the whole week. I managed to pull 3 out of scent in a L1 at night (2 from epic scent and 1 from large scent).

During grypo week I saw a couple of them every day on my normal commutes. Odd.


This was a bust…
might as well have called it “regular week”


No point even going out looking for them unless you are a spoofers. Then you might see one.


Done wasting so much gas and time this entire week. All for a whopping 2 encounters. I’ll just wait for the next weekend epic event featuring Sino.

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Sino should have been an award from completing the daily missions instead of increased wild spawns that nobody can find …has hardly been a feature this week…has left most of the community disappointed …::come on Ludia listen to the Jurassic world alive community before they go back to pokemon go (please)


I drove the last days many km and also walked through Bremen but wasn‘t lucky.
Yesterday, I drove with the train for over 300km with LTE but didn‘t find one. Later, I walked at night for three hours thru the city my parents live in and didn‘t found one.

My Thor stands at 220/250 and I think the next fuses will be all 10s so I still need tons of Sino DNA. For Thor, I ignored Utasino that‘s still lvl 17.


So I‘ve been hit in the face to brutally today by JWA that I really feel like staying at home and give myself in depression.

Opened my 24h incubator from yesterday and got completely useless crappy DNA. Then I started battling and lost every frakking one.

Then I saw my first Sino staying near my parents home. My fingers where frozen, I tapped on darting and then turned back and wanted to dart at home. I did so many times, the dinosaur stood there with the darting circle until I started shooting the first dart.
But today, when I got home I saw that the battery‘s been at half and that the Sino‘s been walking away. I gave so many curses from me and got only 71 DNA (last time 150).

Of course, this crap only happens to me and only once in my JWA time when I‘m darting Sino.

And to make my suffer even worse, I only got a 10 for Allosino.

Plz kill me. I‘m done for today.

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Alriiiiight! First Sino spawn outside its native L1. This was at a L4 park, using a Large Scent. Was aiming for grypo or darwin but I aint complaining…will later see if i get to unlock Utarinex with what I got out of it.


Congrats, sheri :wink: i Think i test my luck one more time. Till what day is This So called event ?? Today ore Tomorrow ?

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Im assuming till the Indoraptor’s day finishes


I don’t See Amy of them… now i drived 70km from Home…but here is also no sino


Spoofers are catching hundreds for sure. They share coordinates and stimated time left. They just have to fly to the spot and catch. Yeah, this game is optimised for cheaters…

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I got allmost 2k sino this week


Haha Jeah i did that with pogo. Telegram you could See de pokemon and the time the would stay there. Also strength and iv. Damn handy tho :see_no_evil::joy: