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Sino Incubator bugged?

Is it a bug? Why does it show two 200 sinos? Just curiousity couldn’t it just say 400 sino? Or is it a bug to get people to buy?

Edit: Nevermind I see now. Its a “possibility”. Rng purchases? Come on. Maybe I would if it was 2,000 tenonto rare.

Yup, I was almost intrigued, then read the fine print. No thanks.

Yeah this is for gamblers. I for one don’t want to gamble on the in game purchases. Considering how many 10 fuses I get I’ll end up not getting the ‘possibility’. It did look decently good at first until I noticed that.

Usually those offer dino bucks too so they’re not going to be a hot seller.

thats odd. it only guarentees 200 sino but shows 200 twice…

see-no-cena-tops… or cenaceratops

this is what i just got out of it.


so yeah, you are guarenteed atleast 400 sino.

I’d do it if it had any hard cash in it. Guess they’ve been cutting down on letting us get deals on that though, it’s so obvious what the plan was, stat boosts for cash + no more cash in bundles = short term profits. Well done :+1:

wait for special event deals. those wont go away.

These look like those used to look. You sure those haven’t been replaced by these, friend?

nah these are new. an attempt to get people to actually buy.

I trusted in you and got it. I got 400 sino and a mix of pachy and darwin lol!

I don’t want to say it 100% you will get it but I did too.

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cool man. yeah its definately the minimum guaranteed

If only there will be some tenonto dna xd basically the thing I’m after most atm.