Sino vs Anky / Tryk vs Utarinex

So what’s the move here for this weekend’s event? Both epics are basically non-existent for me. I rarely play against Trykosaurus so I can’t tell how good it is. Utarinex i play a lot and is quite annoying :unamused:

I’m thinking just enough attempts to unlock Tryk and use the rest on sino for Utarinex. Thoughts :thinking:

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I would trade my Tryko for Utahrinex any day. I would rather have allosino than Tryko right now

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My issues with Tryko is only one first move (1x damage) 102 if I remember speed which is slowest in the game. Really doesn’t take much to kill it.

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Honestly, as an owner of a 21 utarinex, I can confirm what i was told - its good out of the box. I can generally hang in top 200 with it easily enough, and its tied for lowest on my team.

Even against higher level rinex, it lives through their rampage and rampages them back, allowing you to live through their IC allowing you to IC for full dmg. They live through this, but theyre low. Nice setup for a revenge kill.

It also holds its own vs indos, as an indo cant easily kill it turn 1. This allows a rampage, then an ic or ir next turn (or potentially both).

Tryko, though I don’t have it, seems a lot more level dependent to perform well. Its very very good, but it seems to perform consistently well with it (read: not praying for a crit - which it does do, a lot) it should be 23/24ish.

Saying all that - I think it depends on what your team needs. Though I have a feeling rinex is going to be even better after the patch just from the shift in the meta.

Just a feeling.

No matter what you choose, I dont think you can choose incorrectly.

Good luck.

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A higher counter. Or don’t delay anything useful OR to make it God like … Immunity :wink:

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That said - Im going 100% sino.

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I was just reading through thinking all sino for sure

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I could go either all Anky or all Sino here
If all Sino, I can only lvl my Utarinex once (level it to 27)
If all Anky, I could lvl up several of my Dinos and could go on multiple levels.
Right now, my Tryko can’t use its full potential and is not complimenting my team.
Ankyntrosaurus, even though lvl 20 is actually doing pretty well on my team.

So I’m thinking, if nothings going change to Tryko after the 1.5 update, I’m going to lvl up my Ankyntrosaurus past lvl 20.
Also, my Diorajasaurus fits in my team just fine and is a Debuffer/Shielder same as Ankyntro.
The synergy between my Ankyntro/Dioraja and Diloracheirus/Utarinex is pretty good even though Ankyntro and Dioraja are the lowest on my team.

I’m probably going for all Anky here, But then again it all depends after the 1.5 update.

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