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Sino vs. Erliko


Is Erliko worth going for instead of Sino this event? We’ll get the Sino Incubator Monday, so I’m wondering if I should go full Erliko this weekend and get her to level 20. Is Erlidominus really that good? I’ve never encountered one before and her stats aren’t great except for speed. I’d love to hear input from Erlidominus experts.

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I know I’m going 4 erliko, 3 darwin and 2 sino!

and I don’t have erlidominus yet. lol

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Not great stats? Immunity, cloak and rampage with huge dmg?
I really really like her. My Erliko‘s lvl 16 and I‘ll go after all Erliks this weekend. It won‘t be enough to get her to lvl 20 but it‘ll be a step forward.

I also don‘t need that much Sino DNA. Got 360 from strike inc and will get 500 from alliance missions (<3) but don‘t have enough Draco DNA to start fusing Utarinex.
So, Erliko it is. :slight_smile:


Fought my first erlidom today. I was not impressed. Just like indom, can be shut down by my trag or stegadeus. I made it run away and opponent never brought it back out. hehe So, all sino for me today. Trying for renix and maybe thor, though I doubt thor.


Dont underestimate erlidom! He may struggle vs stegod but teamed up with thor, spinot and green chicken the rest of your team wont stand a chance. At level 26 he can come 9ut and do 3k damage b4 crit plus cloak.

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I hope I don’t face any that high just yet at 45XX trophies. hehe


Don’t be suprised if you see it. Saw lvl 30 Stegodeus, lvl 28 Sichotator, Indo, lvl 27 Spinota around 4500 trophies.


If they have erlik in this weeks event, I’d bet they’ll add it to the upcoming fast weeks as well.

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… I’m going 9 Darwin because I like bleeders.


Considering that Sino is slated for next week’s event, I have no qualms about going all Erliko this weekend. Made my decision a lot easier!

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I’m beginning to think Erliko is not going to be as effective as before giving the amount of nullifiers out there. I am beginning to warm up to the Darwin legendary. I think it has the better balance of skills of the 3 new flyers. I’m not impressed with the skills set of the two new uniques. Will wait for Monday’s Sino.

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I used all 9 attempts on Sino so I could level up my Thor. He’s now 26, and hopefully he’ll be 27 by next weekend with the alliance rewards and event DNA.

Once I get my Indoraptor maxed out I’ll start working on Erlidominus or Trykosaurus.

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What happens here folks ?, As a player of erlidominus, I had my doubts since it does not pierce anything, but in the game it is something else, it is the ideal counter of the diloracheirus at any level, With the cloack and the second one can kill armored creatures , even some with shield, their immunity is everything too, but you only need a hit to kill him when he uses cloack, I tell you that that hit sometimes more than enough to kill an erlidominus, and even more with priority attacks … greetings friend