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Sino week?


I have seen that there is a thoradolosaur Month happening now. Last week we had allosaur, i tought This week we should have extra tarbosaur spawning . And next week we should have more sino’s Spawning. Is that te cases or are the chance of more sino’s This week instead next week? Confused now.


It’s more Sino this week. Next week will be increased Tarbo spawns.


Sinocera spawn event is scheduled in this week.
You can check JWA offical fanpage on facebook.


Thanks , let go outside than :see_no_evil:


You can also check events in-game. Go to news and will see that sino is highlighted on the graph.


I found a Sino in the wild in L4 today :slight_smile:


Just drove one hour true local one, i found one… Dont look like a event to me. Lol


It’s still an epic dino so…


I had one at my house last night. First I have seen in a few weeks.


I found 5 sinos today

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Jelous , Congrats :wink::ok_hand:


I caught 4 Sino yesterday. Not only Sino, I also caught 1 Bary, 1 Ourano, 1 Mono, 1 T-Rex and 1 Koola on the same day.


I got 3 sinos today, wasn’t expecting to see any