Sinoceratop Glitch?


Not sure if this a glitch or intentional.
Sinoceratop has a move called Instant charge with a 75% chance of stunning the opponent. However, if you succeed on stunning an opponent who is faster than you, you don’t get an extra turn.
If an opponent is stunned regardless of their speed, shouldn’t you get another turn? I mean what’s the point of stunning an opponent?


if youre slower than them, and it gets priority which makes you faster for that turn. they lose that turn. you are asking for 2 missed turns. stuns do exactly what they should, give you a free turn.


Instant charge don’t take your speed into consideration. You attack first regardless of your speed if you use instant charge. However, if I use that move and my opponent become stunned, should I have another turn?
Stygimoloch have this very same move, and it works this dino. Why wouldn’t it work for sinoceratop?


stuns are kind of dumb in this game. dinos are only truly stunned if you are faster than the dino you stun. otherwise the next action is still your opponents.


Agree that it works the way CleverBoy describes, however I feel like it should stun your opponent their next turn, regardless of speed.


The opponent was already stunned, so couldn’t attack you the turn you used Instant Charge. The stunning effect no longer exists in the following turn so the opponent could attack before you for its higher speed.


No, my opponent was not stunned when I attacked my opponent with instant charge. It was after I’ve attacked that my opponent became stunned. After my opponent being stunned, I assumed that I would have one more turn. This wasn’t the case. The next turn, my opponent attacked me.


Starting the turn, your dino used Instant Charge and hit the opponent first, regardless of the opponent higher speed, so your opponent became stunned and “couldn’t attack you”. That’s the end of the turn and the stun effect gone.

Starting next turn, if your opponent has higher speed it will attack your dino first. But if your dino has higher speed, it will go first in the next turn.


If you stun someone going second you always get the free hit in the next round - it says END TURN but does not work for the the Sinoceratop. Not fair


We totally need a participation trophy event for free stuns. Maybe 3-5 a week? Every one you find gets to stun the opponent indefinitely. Also you get free arena trophies without trying or doing anything to advance your team.


The ability is stunt you opponent, not get an extra turn!


But isnt it the point of stunning your opponent is to get another turn?
What’s the purpose of stunning your opponent after an attack if they get to attack afterward?


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: So you want to 2 free hits?!?!?!


Yes indeed, I mentiond it also already. Thought first it was when you 2 times attacked the other one is on set instead of succesfully stunning method


This is the solution!

Instant charge is already faster so the person had 2 turns and lose 1 so the next turn he can attack


This is how it goes:

Turn 1:
You use instant charge (it always goes first). Opponent gets stunned.
Opponent is stunned and takes no action (this is their ‘stunned turn’)

Turn 2:
Opponent is no longer stunned (the stun was consumed by their wasted turn #1)
Actions proceed based on speed now.