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Sinoceratops and Rajasaurus


Has there ever been an event with Sunoceratops or Rajasaurus? I’ve been playing since the end of June and I can’t remember ever seeing a weekly event with either of those dinos, oh and Baryonyx also. Those 3 are so hard to find in my area!


I remember one with sinoceratops a month or two ago… but I’m always down for another!


@Hersh, I may not of been playing yet then. Or maybe at such a low level I didnt realize how valuable she is for creating others :pensive:


I feel like they recycled this week’s event dinos too soon…


Sino has been in the weekly event, on July 21st I think. Baryonyx is a Global night/dawn/dusk spawn. Rajasaurus hasn’t been featured yet, but I’m praying it will be soon… I need it badly as well :sob:


I need Ankylosaurus as well. Don’t get an in my local area this or last spawn


Me either! Ankylo is like Aunt Flo over here, once a month and irregularly at that