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Sinoceratops dilemma


In the NEWS they announced increased Allosaurus activity towards an Allosinosaurus Hybrid and saw loads.
This week announced increased Sinoceratops which you need for this new hybrid and have seen nada not a single one, even driving around. What gives?

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Where are the Sinoceratops?

Yeah same here. Nothing today, drove and walked many km today many times but found no Sino.


Allosaurus is a common, sino an epic. You can’t expect to find as many. Think about how many epic you use to see daily.

They are out and can be found in any zone. Metahub gathered data about the change inducted by weekly event. You can check it and you will see the chance to see one are not that high but still way higher than usual.
Using common scents to trigger more spawns could work, and they are free at moment.

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I‘ve been out for six or seven hours today and now I‘m driving home without beeing able to lvl my Allosino up.


What do you mean free?


The free 6 hr incubator is giving out large common scents. I usually get at least 2 a day so I try and use at least 1 every day so I don’t lose out on any. I run them at my lunch break when I can walk around.

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zero for me as well, just 2 epics in the last 72 hours, I guess even dinosaurs hide indoors when it’s snowing and freezing

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Been around last 2 Days… all locations and throughout different times of day and only saw 1 sino (in L1 at that)

Grypo was literally everywhere during its epic week… even though it’s a park Dino!

Sino has definitely been coded differently


I did an epic scent in L1 and didn’t even get a Sino from that. I saw 1 on Monday in L3 but that has been it for me so far.


The only difference this week is that Sino is a global spawn, anytime. But his spawns are super rare anyway so there’s literally no difference to begin with.


I haven’t used any scents but I’ve gotten three the past two days


I’ve seen one today by chance in a L4 area. During gryposuchus event, it was much easier to encounter several of them every day.

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Found one yesterday but I was in the right local anyway; saw two last night in my local just out of range but I wasn’t dressed and it was cold and wet out (I know - appalling lack of dedication).


i’ve seen 6-7 sinos since it started. most in L1, so hard to tell how they spawn in other zones.
usually 2-3 gyrpos per day. one day was like 6 though. maybe get one like that for sino :crossed_fingers:


Got 200 plus dna from Sinoceratops and proceeded to get 5 fuses of 10 in a row and ran out…grrrrrrr


I saw one Grypo the whole time…hiding behind an epic strike tower while I was on a train. Couldn’t get at it. Holding out no hope for sino.


I found one…with an epic scent no less and i live in an l1


Slug City


Found 1 yesterday and 1 today… both without use of a scent…