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Sinoceratops Hybrid Help

Ok so I’m ready to start a Sino hybrid but having trouble choosing which one to choose.

I currently have Sino at lv 15 with 3900+ DNA ready to go. Without going into numbers I am pretty sure I can get to (or pretty damn close) to the super hybrid for both Allosaurus or Utahraptor route.

Should I’m looking for suggestions - should I go for Utarnix or Thoradolosaur? Thanks for all responses!!!

wait. pocemon dropped a hint in his stream that you should wait untill the update. Thor is safe i believe though but i would wait. just a heads up do as you wish.

I would wait for the patch notes to see what changes, if any, are made to them.

Utarinex and Thor are both fantastic dinos but your team composition makes a big difference on which one will work for you.


i have both on my team. very usefull but costly.

Don’t accuse him of dropping hints, he gets mad. :speak_no_evil: And to the OP, I’d say wait until we get the patch notes for 1.6, which should be in the next few days.

thats what he did… he was dropping big hints!!

what did he say and where

Yeah give us some hints lol. Video is so long!


Distracting rampage has been extremely hinted at taking a huge Nerf(in game text change few weeks back 2 turn delay!!!) if this happens utarinex and pyritator heck any Dino which uses the move will be relegated to trash unique or not as it will die before it gets major damage off. If this happens Thor is where the sino should go as using it on utarinex will be a waste! Just a reminder every text change that gets withdrawn always ends up coming through next patch so wait a few days or potentially waste months of sino!!!

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If they nerf utarinex I will riot :smiley: I mean you have to choose one sino line to begin with, invest all your “rare” sino dna to see it getting an L next update :S


Same as monomim stegod dilourano all non hybrid raptors etc list goes on it should be very clear by now ludia makes money of engineered obsolescence! Same reason why light bulbs blow or iPad stops working day after warranty runs out so you have to buy new ones. Also same reason why cheats fill majority of leader board to goad legits into spending like crazy!

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How do you get enough Sinoceratops? I’ve been playing since release and had only ever found a couple in the wild before this week. With boosted spawn, I have found a few in the wild. I don’t live in their zone but I hunt there often. Is there any trick to finding them?

Epic scents though it’s like playing the lottery the scents are rigged so the non hybrid epics spawn way more than anything your actively after!

Yeah don’t forget Rajakylosaurus which used to be great before they took away its dot and now it’s trash. The pattern seems to apply to Legendaries though, not Uniques. I totally disagree that Stegodeus is nerfed though and Monomimus is still pretty good and playable but I took it off my team to rely less on luck.

Lol don’t agree stegod is nerfed! Wow in 1.4 my giga would get owned by equal level stegod recently my lvl 22 giga took down a lvl 26 stegod quite easily that’s a huge Nerf wether you notice or not!

A creature isn’t ONLY its stats though, but in how you play it. When and what strikes you use matter and using it against the correct dinosaurs. I just know that my lvl 27 Stegodeus is still god-like.Of course, we are both entitled to our opinions :wink:

Some people are saying wait till patch notes, but I disagree with this. Wait till the patch goes live before deciding. Ludia has been known to do a stealth nerf and not include it into the patch notes. The safest play is waiting till the patch goes live…

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True I’m just pointing out that stegod used to wreck tanks but now fails to do so. Overall this means stegod can only counter speedsters or other non armour(if they don’t have bleed or dsr!) went from being hard counter of 90% of all creatures to around 30%! bleed became serious and like 4 more dsr wielders entered the fray so stegod can now be reliably 2 shot with much lower lvl Dino’s. I got one and love the design too but it’s viability is not very good at all! Mine has gone into retirement eating grass and relaxing after hundreds of thousands of battles😁. Magna actually took his spot lol at least if I’m gonna have an unviable creature on team it will look real purdy!

Yeah I hear you, it used to be a god practically, but it was pretty unbalanced lol, so I feel like they just balanced it. I find that my level 27 Stegodeus is still extremely useful so I’ve kept it. I tried Magnapyritor for a while (not in SD place though) and I just can’t level it up fast enough to get its health up so it can survive at 4900 trophy range I’m in, but it’s damage output is ridiculous! I can’t get Irritator fast enough from Incubators and I am lucky to find one Pyroraptor in a six month period of time. I did find one yesterday though, since they are a boosted spawn rate this week due to the special event.