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Sinoceratops new glitch?


Stunning impact: No Delay, No Cool-down

Is it only me seeing this?
Hope this is for real.

Einiasuchus and Stegoceratops

Hey Sammie, our team has been notified but it should just be a visual error, and the ability is working correctly. However, if there’s an issue, contact our support team here at with your support key included in the email.


Nope it’s happening


This has been in the game ever since it came out for all dino’s with that attack.


Hi all,
Just realized this

Stunning Impact has no cooldown.
A buff to Eini and Stego…:heart_eyes:
Monostego as well…:sweat_smile:

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Not quite…

For some reason it isn’t listed, but it does have a CD of 2 turns, iirc.





New bug?
New bug = shortlived excitement…:rofl:


This is just a description glitch.
Those moves still got cooldown and delay in battle.