Sinoceratops OP?

Seems like every time i see one in battle The opposing dinos rarely get more than one hit in.

Since I am new to the game, I was wondering how others feel about this.

The short answer is no.

No sinoceratops is not over powered at all. Hasn’t been won’t be.


Its overpowered in the form of how easy it is to get dna for it.


Sino and Stegocera can put you in a stun locked scenario and it isn’t fun. There are others too? Never played stunning dinos much, but have been on the receiving end more than once. The terms “ner*” and “OP” are slightly frowned upon :wink: Good luck and prepare for bigger challenges to come!

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Like Dracoceratops

Especially where most of us are at now, theres gold vermin and emerald green theropods running around there


Not only sino…

While I wouldn’t say Sino is OP, it is definitely a pain when the planets align (fun fact the planets cant actually properly align due to rotation and position in the sky :wink: ) it is a stun locking nightmare.

And this is coming from someone who played a ROGUE in WoW lol

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You’ve got a Sinosaurus problem? I’ve got your answer. In fact, this is the answer to those, Einiasuchus and over leveled Triceratops Gen 2. These work for me.



A vampire’s dream come true lol!

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After playing a full bleeder team a few rounds, all bleeders are not as great as you would think. If I get the right combination at the right time, they work between bleed and swap in bleed.

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You can get super screwed by the RNG which makes Sinocera a pain, but if your team is balanced, it’s not OP at all. It has a hard time dealing with immune dinos, and bleed. So it has hard counters. Once you get to a certain level, you’ll start eating them alive.

I can definitely see it being annoying in lower arenas however.

This was the conversation a year ago. The game has come a long way since the stunners were dominant.

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Create Ankylocodon. It’s easy to make thanks to migration, immune to stun, tanky, can slow Sinocera down, can pull up a shield. Make use of the shield, slow, armor-piercing and the Sinocera will have a difficult time against it. Later on you can replace it with Ardontosaurus for the shield-shattering move.

I think having 2 stun moves is what makes it marginally unfair and especially Instant Charge.

I personally would like to see Instant Charge being reworked into something else. It’s the primary reason why the sinoceratops and all its hybrids are flooding the ladder from top to bottom. Second reason is that Sino is an alliance mission reward for 4 months now.

I see we have offended at least one Christian. I should’ve said Christopher.

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They obviously still blame Roosevelt for ww2