Sinoceratops spawn increase

Found two Sinos on my commute this morning. Anyone else’s notice an increase in their spawns today?

Also found an orano and a kentro

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In another post I have said that in my case the number of Epic has increased. Unfortunately no sinoceratops but, in exchange, I have appeared 3 Baryionix in 2 days, more than in the three previous months and I have already created the “ghost skeleton” (Tryostonix :). The truth is that it is much more pleasant to walk around with the possibility of finding an epic

Yep there was one just down the road when I woke up (but they do appear in my zone randomly anyway) however I didn’t bother getting up to catch it (it shortly disappeared).

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I feel bad. Because now that I will miss more of them.

Why not here in beautiful Germany?
Guess the dinos like your countries more. :thinking::rofl:

The epics here are sooo hard to find. And mostly, there‘s nothing useful.
BUT never give up…

I noticed that this weekend. Sadly, it was just a one day trend. Haven’t seen a sino since. I miss the pretty guys!

They‘re soooo adorable and cute. Love them. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Yeah I think there has been an increase now you mention it. Once I get my trystronix to lvl 20 it will probably replace indominus.

Well I commute into London by train so there is a lot of opportunity for spawns. They still hardly ever appear for me though. Was in Germany last weekend, got 3 pyroraptors so maybe all the dinos have been hunted :grimacing:.

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Yes. found 1 sino today. The last time i found was last week.