Sinoceratops spawns

I don’t know if its just me, but I haven’t seen a Sinoceratops in almost a month. I don’t think its just bad luck, I have almost 3 hours worth of bus travel daily and I play every one of those hours. I can’t level up my Utahsinoceratops and I keep losing battles that i would have otherwise won if it was a level higher


How can that be? From this recent thread they have surely increased. The odds are it is just bad luck. I hope it turns around for you soon.

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OMG are you serious? Im telling you, the last Sino I found was the same day the season 2 tournament began. The only Sino DNA I got since then was from an incubator. I can’t level her up

The logical answer to this was when spawns migrated… this individual now commutes through the zone that Sino and Kentra share.

Reply to the original post: I found 2 sinos yesterday. In general, all epics that are not global spawns I find in smaller quantities, it’s math and %. I don’t have the link but you can easily search the SPAWN MECHANICS PATCH 1.4 on google and find what epics spawn near commons… then find those commons in your town and search around them for the epics you seek. Not guaranteed but increased odds


It could also be that that guy was lucky, in stead of OP being unlucky :wink:

I have yet to encounter 1. I have some DNA from an incubator. I live in a rural area, zone 4. I’ve only been playing game 6 weeks. I am encountering a lot of them in lockdown. Hopefully I’ll see one one day!


Its a good dinosaur especially for hybrids

I see multiple Sinos a day. No exaggeration.

I envy your luck then. My Utasinoceratops can’t be leveled up, and I only need 20 more DNA for leveling her up

My Utasino is 20, Allosino is 17.

Loads of Sino to spare. Seriously I don’t even run out of the house for them anymore. I think certain locals, even if it’s the same number local as another…have different spawn rates or something. My L1 spawns Sinos like bunny rabbits. But I see lots of other L1s where they’re basically extinct again.


I have never seen Sinoceratops or gotten it from incubator.
I play this game for three months, since middle of July.

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I just got 2 like 2 hrs ago

I found one yesterday. I assume it’ll be another month before I find another, as usual. :sob:

I have seen 2 in the wild since I downloaded the game and started playing - when it was first released!! I am moving soon, hopefully to an area that has sino and ourano. I never find either.

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Been stuck at level 14 forever…

I can’t level up my utahsinoceratops either :upside_down_face:

I think I’ve seen 2 since April. Utasinoraptor is at 20 and allosinosaurus is 18 so I must have gotten a decent from incubators a while back but definitely not recently

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Yeah I found the 2 today mentioned on the other post. Could be luck but I think the consensus is they’ve gotten more common. Never used to find them. Just keep persevering and I’m sure you’ll get some! :grin:

Its difficult to find sinoceratops.just 1 times a week. Idont have utasinoceratop yet😂

Im getting annoyed to be honest. A month playing for over 3 hours a day and I didn’t get any

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