Sinoceratops' stunning impact is basically unfair


This creature dishes out a nearly guaranteed stun. I’m often not able to get a single move in when battling against it because my creature has to miss a turn or isn’t fast enough to pick one before the Sinoceratops is delivering another blow.

Is this normal/intentional? Or have I coincidentally been fighting opponents with illegal mods often in the arena?


It’s no more unfair than any other ability given to an epic dinosaur. They all have advantages, some are just more useful than others. I have a sinoceratops but it’s not even in my line-up because even with the probability it has, it fails to stun opponents an annoying amount of the time and by no means guarantees a win or even a takedown. The only time it’s annoying is if you’re in a lower level arena up against someone who has it, ie unevenly matched. Dimetrodon is good to use against it, he has armour piercing and immunity so can’t be slowed or stunned. Good luck.

Edit, its 75% stun ability also has a delay of two, so you get two shots to kill it before it can even use its “guaranteed stun”. Any big chompy boy should be able to take it out that way.


@MRH89 you get bonus points for “big chompy boy” :rofl:


Delay of one *


@Nithas The delay of one is for stunning impact which only has 33% chance to stun. There is a delay of two for the instant charge which has a probability of 75%.


Just because u got stunned every time doesn’t mean the other side is doing anything illegal. The stunning move is suppose to stun and u just happen to be unlucky. Pray to the RNG god next time instead.


Send out your dinos with immunity. They can’t get stunned. I always get my Indominus out when the opponent sends out Sino.


@MRH89 You’re right, I somehow misread as “Stegoceratops”… (Which has a delay of one)


I use Sino, and even with Instant Charge, she doesn’t always get a guaranteed stun. It isn’t hard to shut down a Sino, trust me. It has two moves with cooldowns, leaving it open once those moves are used up. Anything with great bulk (high hp and/or armor) makes for a decent enough challenge for Sino. Immunity is always a plus, since the dino will never get stunned. High crit chance with armor pierce helps too.


Funny that you say it has a cool down and is easy to beat. I just popped in the forums to research this Dino. It was a lvl 11 and beat two of mine without either of them getting a single shot in, my lvl 8 trex 2nd gen and lvl 10 velociraptor that came in after the kill. It “got/stole” priority every single time. I Just leveled up to Nublar Jungle today but this battle was done in the previous arena, so I believe that means my opponent is still in that lower arena, right? So … ?


You fight based of trophies but they can be in a higher arena. You will encounter a lot worse as you climb so be ready.


Well there’s your mistake: raptors are nerfed so their pounce can’t do much, and they’re still glass canons. A Gen2 Rex won’t fair well either, since it’s missing that extra power from its Epic counterpart. Sometimes power isn’t everything (though it sounds like your dinos could use some leveling); believe it or not, you can counter a Sino with other tanks. If you have an Immune Dino (Ankylocodon or Postime, for example), you’re even better off. It takes time creating effective strategies, but you’ll get there. For it to be faster than a raptor would mean it was able to Insta Charge, or the player us a hacker if they were able to be that fast. Now faster than Trex, yes. If you got stunned by it, that also explains things. Pay attention to your surroundings and what dinos can do. You’ll find ways around them, even if it’s unorthodox.


Huh. Im still fairly new to the game. Am i leveling up in trophies too fast?


Yes and no… Everyone levels quickly at first then hits a wall. Itll happen several times as you reach people with epics (where you seem to be just starting to hit now) then youll get epics then its legendary Dino then unique… Happens to us all


I’ve got the common, echo, and utah. So far they’ve been working but I guess i need to change my strategies soon. generally if my Utahraptor gets pulled first, i can beat 1 if not 2 dinosaurs before its killed or I pull it. All three have pounces that range depending on the defenses available, but pull in around 800-1200 very reliably. I have the Trex 2nd gen, allosaurus, and gorgosaurus to take the beating and deal big bites as possible. Then a lvl 12 stego common and a random DoT as suits my fancy. Its been a great combo so far, but. Guess epics will throw a wrench in that. Yay! Lol. Makes it more interesting. Thanks everyone!


Lol. It’ll be months before I get an IRex. I only get access to maybe 2 velociraptors a week. Hit maybe 70 dna a time so max 160 dna a week. Pretty hard to level up to 15 with that.