Sinoceratops Tournament 11/26/20-11/30/20

Lol I have 6 k :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Way too op buddy

I was editing that but the forum decided to crash…


Amargasaurus + Sinoceratops

Status at level 40

Health= 7,363
Attack= 2,375

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Too weak for 2 tourneys, @The_Phoenix was on point with his stats for 2 tourneys


Personally hoping that one of the non-tourney dinos gets a hybrid with this soon. Something like Shunosaurus or Scaphognathus. Double tourney hybrid is out of my ferocity range :frowning:


Yep that would be good also.

And then gopro fused with acantho to be around ferocity of armormata and yudon, higher attack but less health.

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Good idea but i really want one with the stats i mention…

I definitely will be competing in this one a new dinosaurs to the game

Does anyone know the stats this beast? Hopefully it’s useful like brachi and not another herbivorous disappointment(Looking at you deinocheirus)…


Welcome back CoolMan! We missed ya on the Forum. :facepunch:t3: Seeing your post after so long brought a lot of joy to Fury’s heart.

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Stats will be available tomorrow when tournament starts. @Lucky14 sometimes gets the leak tho. But its just tomorrow so not too much time. By looking at it tho i don’t think its gonna be a glass cannon so probably a meat shield or balanced.

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I swear if this thing is less tanky than Nodosaurus then I’m actually gonna cry


I really wanted a canon ngl, since nodo is a shield, antarctopelta is a shield, and stegocera is a shield. But you’re probably right since most ceratopsians are meat shields. I hope its better than enio. I wouldn’t mind a herbivorous ornithocherius ripoff


I don’t care about tourney creatures stats unless they have endgame hybrids tbh

I do. I need tank tourney 30 herbivores. One pelta won’t do it and Nodo isn’t tanky enough

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Yeah i know i am being cheap but meh…

By the way Phoenix, I need help finding 3000+ ferocity amphibians. I’ll only have a Diplosuchus and Icthyostega and I’m not about to go bankrupt for Ostapo :confused:

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You should focus on s-hybrids instead of tournament creatures. Not now(super hybrids because at level 1 they will be too op for you) so tourneys are good option understandable. But mostly try to get tourneys which have endgame hybrids for example nodo won’t hurt now that armormata has arrived. Same for otherd like metriacanthosaurus, gorgosaurus, zalmoxes, segno etc etc.

But there are so many tanky herbivores in your range. Unayarynchus, ankylodocus, stegocera…

Meanwhile the best canon is ohpicomimus, widely regarded as one of the worst bang for the buck creatures…