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Sinoceratops You Tournament Legend


Is it just me or does this thing have like no counter in the tournament? Stuns never miss, big bulk, crits like Thor for some reason. I almost forgot how good some of the base creatures can be being stuck deep in hybrid land for so long.

Anyone else rediscovering old(or new) gems during the tournament?

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Sino is the best. In arena she gets hardcountered by legendaries but here there’s no counter.


I’m loving the new terror bird! For Some reason she doesn’t make me lag as much as the new lion and the rare rhino.

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I feel the same, Phorusrhacos is super cool and is definitely useful! I’ve wanted to try Elasmotherium(woolly rhino) but I haven’t been able to draw it yet in any matches


I love that bird. For some reason it reminds me of a Doo Doo Bird. The first time I used it was in this tournament and it made me dizzy at first when it started bouncing around getting all funky.

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Behold the stunning champ, a triple kill after he killed my tarbo


The best way to counter it is some swap in ability after the exchange of first hits.
Maiasaurus, Dracorex gen 2 or Darwinopterus come in handy. But i agree, Sino is one of the better dinos in the tournament. When I get him, i feel like I’ve already won.


The Melon!!!


dude Phosphorus is OP (and yeah that’s a nickname lol)