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Are we supposed to be having a Sinoceratops event at this time? If so, why am I not seeing any increased spawns around?

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I saw and caught 1. Been checking all day lol

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I’ve seen one out of a total of 8 hours Play time between yesterday and now. :confused:
I’ll take it, better than none, but… Was hoping for more. Lol

Speak of the devil!

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They indeed increase the likelihood to find one but don’t think you will find 5 every hour. It’s still an epic. I use to find one every hour or so if I travel a lot. The good thing is that you can find them anywhere, like a sino in L2.

Unless you are in L5. But in this case you have already Thor and utarinex at 30 so :joy:


Unfortunately I’m in Zone 4…found just one on my way to work yesterday

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I only saw 1 grypo out of the whole week last event and currently no sino yet


Since yesterday I spent 5+ hours every day (so around 10 hours already) and travelled a lot. Even moved back and forth between zones and mostly staying in zone 1 but not a single Sino I see yet.

Yesterday was no epic found, today saw 1x Spino G2 (far so can’t dart), and 1x Spinothaptor.

So definitely not increased spawn for me


i had 2/3 unspawn on me yesterday right when i got to them. have found 2 out of zone as well this week.
so they are out there. i think they’re rigged to disappear as soon as you get there though :unamused:

risky week though. can’t understand why they’d be giving out more of some of the most valuable DNA in the game. oh right, cuz utarinex is getting nerfed but they dont want anyone to know :grimacing: very sneaky that they are promoting it as a thor week to disguise the utarinex nerf.


I have yet to find one but not tripping about it. … oh well.


dropped a common scent at home(L4) and got one right away.

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Sinos are definitely out there… but they are hiding extremely well :sweat_smile::heart_eyes:

saved a few pics of this week’s hunt :star_struck:


yesterday, I spend almost 7 hours for it…
but it never worked.

and now I realized one thing…
“ludia will not give us what we want”.


Foud only this one at 1AM going home after a party


Sino will pop up in any local. I have darted a few from the large common scents. They are definitely out there.


Same. And that Grypo was behind an epic strike event. I was on the train and couldn’t click it without opening the event. Raging.


why my luck is unfairly bad?


I caught 4 Sino yesterday, but none today.


I found 1 in the wild yesterday and then 1 came in on a large scent capsul. Really hoping I can find a few more :slight_smile:


I watched your video on darting Sino. Really helped me a lot. Maybe you can post it here to help others?

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Should of had mine i am not to intrested in the unique lol