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Sinocreatops has become the bane of my existence

I can’t seem to win against the stupid thing in this tournament, and of course mine has to be a let down. :laughing:

Sino is the stunning champ

Stegocera objects :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, you usually have to use SIA, bleed with Spino or get lucky with Ornitho to take it down

Well, sino is actually almost a similar version of stegocetatops

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Spino G2 and dimorph put the brakes on sinos I run into.

My problem is Maiasaura. That SIA stun never fails against me. Alanqa has been a good counter for the instant rampage but I hate that free swap so much

Sino was MVP in open skilled tournament for lot of people. I love it.

One on one, there’s no proper counter besides another Sino if you have faster fingers (and better connection)… You can bleed and die with it, try to get lucky with Ornitho dodges or hope Sino’s stun doesn’t work.

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Thago from kentro puts sino in one shot range for dg2 :+1:t3: leaves ur kentro with tons of life still as well

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