Size of dinosaures of jurassic saga

a little thread that i wanted to do, i put all the species of dinosaurs from JW (well i think) you can see the size of dinosaurs from the jurassic saga

Big carnivores

Big herbivore

Medium carnivores

Medium herbivores

Small dinosaures

You forgot mamenchisaurus, corythosaurus , monolophosaurus, and kentrosaurus, scorpios, sinoceratops and nasutoceratops


ha, well ok

Other dino and reptile

yes and ?, I only put dino from movies or series

I believe I understood, the dinos on the image have the same size

It doesn’t mean anything. Just wanted to show.


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Why is the atrocity prior bigger than blue? The atrociraptors were smaller next to Owen on a motorcycle than blue and the rest of the pack were.

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I thought blue seemed bigger, also sometimes the sizes are a bit wrong like stygimoloch which is not 6 m but 3 m, I think I will redo this part

New small dino

I thought the atrociraptors were confirmed to be partially bigger than blue no? I’m probably very wrong but thought that was a thing


Compy :sob::cry:

Where have you run off to?


looks liked it scurried off

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The pyroraptor wasn’t that small right?

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he was not very fat

here, I think I have put them all (except pterosaurs and mosasaurus) size comparison : Dinosaures of jurassic saga - YouTube