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Skill and strategy or good Dino's?

I was participating in the dunkleosaurus tourney for a aquatic creature
I met many people with legendary Dino’s
But I was able to defeat the easily.
They always went for attack no blocks ro reserve
This raises the question…
What is better having skill and strategy or really good Dino’s?

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These are bots your facing in the tournament not real people.

It’s better having a good strategy because there are times when having just good dinos to power on through wont work, like in f4f and infinity battle stages for instance.


no salmon, have a lot of resources, especially dollars and loyalty points to have VIP dino

Ur telling me all these people in tourneys are bots? Not real people!? I refuse to believe you!

There are so many people with profile pictures they can’t be bots can they?

If that’s the case then everybody that participates in a tournament has the first move, this is statistically impossible.


Some of them are noobs lol😂

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blah, robot … and my advice is crap?

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Here’s a simple solution… GIVE US THE SECOND MOVE SOMETIMES?

Thanks for the advice

it was a joke! :joy:

They are all bots.

ro … ro … robot :fearful::fearful::fearful:.
tomorrow … intelligent robot apocalypse … :space_invader::space_invader:

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I was thinking the same thing at first, I even thought it was a real life tournament and I was one of the best player in the world, and when I saw it was bots, I was so dissapointed :tired_face: :tired_face:

me too @Indominusrexgen2 … OUIIINNN … OUINNN​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Booooots Invasion

Another thing is that the AI behaves differently in the various events.

The tournaments mostly follow the block 2 pattern, and in my experience the attack 3 block 1 pattern doesn’t happen very much anymore when in that particular situation unfortunately.

CoT event AI routinely follows the block 4 pattern

Infinity battles can utilize the block 4 as well but they also for me at least rarely swap out the 1st dino even when they have class disadvantage.

The more you play the more you will pick up on the various AI behavior for the different events.

The individual PvE is strange sometimes it behaves very much like AI and other times it does bizarre stuff and you would swear there was a person behind it.


They just take the profile picture and name of some random player and give it to a bot. As far as I know, the only Ludia game that has actual PvP is Jurassic World Alive, and even there they have bots lol

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All things you face in tournaments are bots. You can tell by their moveset (always going 2 block) and not having their dinos levelled up to the max they can go. They are always level 16 dinos or level 39, etc. Now I know I that i sound like a hypocrite because my top 7 are not fully levelled but the bots in tournaments might have a lvl 34 VIP but also have a lvl 26 tournament
Hopefully I explained it well

“and not having their dinos levelled up to the max they can go”

This is not evidence of being bots. Most players that plan/pay a lot of attention to ferocity don’t level lots their creatures up to 10/20/30/40

There are also other reason not to level up creatures