Was just discussing in discord that it would be pretty killed if their was a Skill arena (all lvl 26 no boosts) to go along side the daily Advantage arena. Would add another dimension to the game, and allow those who only do the other arena for their ten takedowns to have something a little more fun and equal grounded to play around in.


But would there be rewards? Incubators, coins, ECT? What would keep everyone from playing here? What does Ludia get from this?

While I like the sound of it, without knowing more I don’t see any real reason anyone would do this because it could take too much from the game.

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That’s pretty much friendlies

Why wouldn’t there be rewards for playing? Why not make a skill arena as an alternative to the boost filled arena as it currently is. I get burnt out on the regular arena, and as someone who has acquired all the dna I will ever really care too much about, I’d like something besides the regular arena because darting and raids get old and boring, not to mention the bugs and issues involved with raiding. It’s a headache. A way to incentivize players to focus more on the current arena would be to make the rewards for it much greater than the skill arena. There should be some sort of ladder to climb there but maybe just make the prizes somewhat insignificant in comparison with the advantage arena. Maybe it’s not feasible, but I certainly get sick of the regular arena, and judging by all the posts and replies around here, so do a lot of other people. Friendlies are ok, but it would be nice to be able to gain some sort of rewards for that style of arena, if it were implemented. It would be nice if Ludia created something for the sake of the players enjoyment and not simply to encourage players to fork over cash.

Uh, yeah, no thank you. A skill arena would be utterly boring and repetitive and I cannot see many players wanting to play in it.
And if we have a skill arena then it would pretty much defeat the purpose of leveling up things to progress in the arena.


Skill events are the tournament format that I dislike the most so I’d pass.


I want the PvP tournaments replaced with TvT (Team vs Team) tournaments with Teams of 3 or 4 per side, random selection from your team of 8.

Winner is the team that takes out 3 opponents 3 creatures. You can either join a random team or create a team of your own with your alliance and/or friends through invites.

Each week can have different rarities and types of creatures that can be used. They can have all level 26 teams to actual creature levels with and without boosts. Everyone gets credit for opponent team takedowns for earning your 10 takedowns. Wins earn points toward the end of the month championship incubators. If an alliance teams together and they win, the alliance earns points for each members. So if a single player gets 30 points for their alliance on a random team, a team of 4 in one alliance will get 120 for a win or they can give bonus points on top when the entire team is of one alliance as a way to encourage alliances to work together.

Team vs team would bring a fun new element to this game. I’m sure this will be buggy but that kind of expected now.

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Have enough of skill tournaments. Wouldnt touch skill arena. Its boring, battles are to long, speedties and RNG decides to many matches.

Because the regular arena is soo much fun. Paid dinos at shores and apexes below. You can’t run non-meta or experiment without being punished by smth as exciting as the deer. I dont see why not but ludia would see no profit bc apart from creating the dinos you won’t have to invest and spend

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Hard pass.

Similar to my idea years ago when boost came out. Just not level 26 but whatever you have no boost.

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As proposed by OP - hard pass
As mentioned bij Phil - actual level but no boosts - maybe
With boosts - ok, but please rework it so we can shuffle more - tokens? Lets’s wait and see…

With the current meta I don’t see this working out well. If there was less powercreep and a more diverse meta, it’d definitely work better, as well as basic formats you can select if you want to use lower rarity creatures. But unfortunately the meta is super repetitive and many non-hybrids have nothing in terms of combat potential, if a skill arena were to be added now, but probably wouldn’t be very fun.