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Skill Point Scatter

To the point…Players who Pay-2-Play, this means You have the yellow circle, not a green circle,in the top-left side of Your screen in the JWA game. I think it fair for those players to be able to earn the right to re-adjust Our skills points. Say, after a certain amount of time being a Gold Ring player so-to-speak. We would allowed to Scatter at the end of the monthly billing cycle.
I mean You guys putting new Dinos out on the table and Us Veteran Players, whom P2P (Pay-2-Play) sould get something to those Regards. This could mean more Memberships for JWA.

Thanks again Ludia for an awesome Game. You Guys Rock!!

WolfBeast 8253

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What do you mean with skill points? Boosts? It would be a cool addition honestly. It’s not fun having to wait to next shuffle or reset before you can test new creatures in PvP if you don’t have a ton of boosts to use. Which most people don’t have. Cool idea!

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I do mean Boost Points.

I’m not sure.
That would make it possible for P2P players to reapply their boosts for Advantage tournaments,
resulting in non P2P players not standing a chance.