Skill Tournament poll

There’s been quite a bit of talk regarding the suggestion that tournaments rewards should be highscore-based, to—among other things—reduce the stress usually associated with all the losing streaks, speed ties (depending on where you live) and RNG.
But first, I’d like to determine for sure that a problem exists before trying to improve the situation.

So, I’d like to hear your opinion on something. Happy voting!

Just to clarify, imagine a skill tournament where you really want the reward, so it’s one where you actually care about your placement. If your approach is naturally very casual, I’d assume the tournaments would be no problem at all, regardless of speed ties and RNG.

  • Skill tournaments are too stressful.
  • Skill tournaments are not too stressful.
  • Skill tournaments are a cakewalk.

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Just to clarify, imagine a skill tournament where you really want the reward, so it’s one where you actually care about your placement. If your approach is naturally very casual, I’d assume the tournaments would be no problem at all, regardless of speed ties and RNG.



Stop removing trophies for losses. A lot of games award 1 point for a win, but nothing for a loss. This is the only game I play which actually removes points when you lose a battle. It’s really unfair that someone can play 30 battles with RNG on their side, then another person has to battle 50 times just to reach the same level because RNG wasn’t on their side.

What Ludia need to remember is that we never truly have the exact same team we select - they’re randomized from a total of the 8 we select. It’s too easy to get a bad matchup on a lot of these tournaments.

I would play a lot more if I knew I wasn’t risking a bad RNG streak at any given time.


They can be time consuming but the only time they’re downright stressful for me is me waiting to see if I can hold my rank in the last 30 minutes.


for a reward i actually care about. yeah kinda stressful. Would like a system like Delta suggested.


The only three things that are stressful in these skill tourneys are gambling, RNG and Speedties.

I like skill tournaments because they’re not that stressful since I don’t have to level up dinosaurs to get good prizes. Advantage tournaments on the other hand…

I’m in a situation where I don’t really have time to play on weekends.
I get the participation reward, and then maybe try and win a few in a row to get to 90 trophies, but realistically knowing that the timeframe is so short it’s not something I get stressed over. Even if I had the strongest team in the world with all the adventures my wife has planned for weekends top 20K is about as far as I could get in a weekend and I’m usually pleased with it.

My problem is you have to set aside a huge chunk of your weekend if you want a decent reward. Why not let them last longer? Why not a week?

They are if you try to be on top50 or 10, but reach the top250 is not too stressful for me, but the biggest problem on the skill Tournaments I feel like the RNG is a big factor as the strategy with the team selection on battles and all crits and stuns

Once in a battle I miss 3 swap in stun (I used 4 only 1 worked) I have no crits and the opponent gots 4 crits in arrow and all stund worked

Ludia should modify the RNG system, like if you miss a stun then the next has more chance to work or if you got a crit next turn you have less chance to crit

I know it’s hard to make but tbh the skill Tournament requires a lot of luck to win and not as much “skill” and I don’t like that

Delta, if we lost nothing for a loss then the tournament would simply be won by the player who invested the most time in playing.

Some will simply keep playing day and night knowing they will be top 10 and there would be absolutely no skill involved at all.

I can see what you’re saying regarding rng, but to get ahead with the same pool of dinos as everyone else with no boosts and the same level does require something more than luck to win as it stands.

Honestly; regardless of the reward I am just happy to see a skill tournament at all. Any kind of pvp without boosts is a win for me. If the reward is the dna I really need to complete my dinodex (epic snek right now) then I would probably be more competitive about it, but even if it’s just coins at least I can enjoy the battle system for a while

Just lost 5 battles to speed ties. I think I’m done with this tournament.

The worst part is when your opponent’s team is identical, and they can bring the exact same dino in, confident that they can win the speed tie, and they do and win the battle. Man the speed tie system is depressing.
Velociraptor vs Velociraptor is the worst, but I’ve also had Scolosaurus vs Scolosaurus and Triceratops G2 vs Triceratops G2, etc.

I don’t see how that works actually. Someone could be playing all weekend but if they only win 10 times they only get 10 points (assuming you get 1 for a win and 0 if you lose). Point is they don’t have to play two battles to progress from one loss

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If someone plays all weekend and only wins 10 matches they would be seriously playing the wrong game!

Let’s say in one hour you play 20 matches and you win half of them, multiply that by eight and you have 80 wins x 3 is 240 minimum wins for anyone who spends 8 hours a day for the weekend.

I wouldn’t even consider spending that length of time battling, but I’m sure there are some who would. Especially if they knew that they would be top 100 by doing it as losses don’t take trophies away. It’s a simple grind and even the worst player of the game would be up there if they spent enough time playing.

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Lol well as far as I’m concerned if somebody spends that amount of time they deserve it :wink:


Stressful, because in my head I set a goal at for example 500. And then I think to myself well I usually do at least 300. And then I reach 300, and think… why not go for 500? So I’m at 400, and then I am at a losing streak. Drop waaay to long down and spend time getting back to 300. Think to myself “I was at 400. I can at least make it back there.” And then I crash down to almost 0, before I waste my entire weekend just getting back to 300.

So to summarize it up: Not losing trophies would be an excellent choice for me and my forced thoughts :joy::confounded:


They are stressful but not TOO stressful. Maybe a high score system would be better. Also about speed ties, I’d rather consistently win them or consistently lose them within the same battle than have it be random every time.