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Skill tournaments? lol!

Lets face it, there is nothing skillfull about these tournaments! It doesn’t matter what deck you choose, the game will inevitably match you up with the exact counter, unless you spend money ludia really don’t care how many people they lose. So I for one am joining the ever growing list of people leaving the game because of their sheer arrogance and greed.

Seriously stop complaining. Skill tournaments are for people to practice team building and combos. Like seriously I’ve never spent anything and I’m top 150 rn. Just learn how to adapt to the meta in any tournament and use ur brain instead of quitting. It always easy to blame everything else, but practice and you learn to play better imo. Not meant to be harsh


knowing what counters what is key. Stuff with group attacks to counter the flocks and other counters to other creatures that will be used in the tourney


all creatures are set to lvl 26, so playstyle becomes an impt factor, of course rng determines what you draw, but there is nothing much we can do abt that anyway, so no use worrying abt that part.
I always thought well, just throw in all legendary dinos and it will be easy, but doing so may not create the best team synergy. Hence it does take a bit of effort/time to understand each dinos’ strength/weaknesses, know how you want to play, and select the team to your best ability.


quit post