Skill tourney teams

What’s your team for the next tourney this weekend
I’m running acro, Alberto, boa gen 1, antarcto, compy, ornitho, woolly rhino, and scuto

Do you mind if I use that strat? I’m struggling a bit on the tourney.

Of course actually I switched compy gen two for ornithomimus as it works better

Alright, btw the team is working great except for against a carbo

But I almost beat one with the compy

Btw should I grind out the tourney? I’m already top 1000

Yes of course it’s always great to have more coin
If you want switch out one of the resilients for a diplodocus to counter a tortoise
However diplo isn’t as good as the ones I chose, but it can still really mess up a team and it absolutely destroys the tortoise

I’m not replacing anything I don’t think

Btw ornitho is a good compy counter

Yea I know it works well
Also I wouldn’t replace anything as diplodocus is just inferior in this tournament to the other four big resilients
Just recommended it because you said you were having trouble with tortoises

That was only when I had no fierces on the team. I’m rolling fine and I just now made it to top 500

I think I’m rank 457

My goal is to at least get top 250, however I will try to get something better as I would get a lot of coins. Btw thanks for letting me use your team strat

You’re welcome!