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Skill tourneys as a pro sees them

Pro sounds not very humble. That is for others to judge. Just wanted to start with something catchy.

I am a top 4% player on lichess. Got a chess coach licence. Taught game theory for 8 years at an elite university. Won decently prestigiuous tourneys in chess and poker.

Yet have never finished a JWA skill tourney top 100.

I always enter top 50 or rather top 20 and stay there roughly the first 6 to 8 hours of tourney. Have beaten pretty much anyone with a big name. Then I more and more get creature mirrored and speed tie beaten.

Maybe I am lacking other qualities and using speed ties as an excuse… Am I?

Well playing 8 to 12 hours a day 6 days straight I am used from chess opens since aged 12. So endurance or focus problem not likely.

Never played the same opening in a tourney twice. So lack of adapting unlikely.

Am very bad beat resistant (taking low probability losses). Losing sharp game after a 5% loss unlikely.

Applying profound statistics throughout.

Having all that in my portfolio I as a European dare using speed tie rule as “excuse”.

Please fix speed ties to anything fair. What do North American residents and tourney winners have to gain? Bragging rights!


Not everyone at the top is a speedtie master sure you lose some battles from speedties but luck also comes into play. You need skill and either luck or be good at speedties to do well in these tournaments and not everyone can get top 100

I don’t get “being good at speed ties”. It is to a big extend being good at where you live. Most people have not earned the continent they live on (server proximity). How can you be good or bad at something you never had to do anything for?

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Speed ties have nothing to do with luck and skill. Here are some ping times to Montreal.

Toronto: 12 ms
NewYork: 23 ms
San Francisco: 52 ms
London: 88 ms
Stockholm: 105 ms
Moscow: 130 ms
Tokyo: 153 ms
Singapore: 201 ms
Bangalore: 245 ms

With 0.1 or 0.2 seconds disadvantage it’s impossible to climb high in skill tourney when everyone use the same creatures.


And most regular top finishing guys’ creature mirroring as a rule is too obvious. They even chose an Andrew v Andrew over Orni v Andrew seeing the Andrew. If speed ties were fair and square 50/50 they d always chose the class dominant h2h.


Andrew v Andrew, so that you cannot run away.

Ludia should come out with some rules on speed ties. Something like, if the speed difference is within one sec, then who goes the first is randomly chosen. Otherwise, whoever goes the first moves first. - however, Ludia got an F in terms of listening to the community, so no change will happen.


I struggle to stay in the top 500 in these tourneys, as once I get into the top 1000 its Speed Tie City.
Opponents simply play for speed ties.
The Andrew vs Andrew revenge attack idsms the most obvious; they know they’re likely to win 2/2, so will just go for it.

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I read about this over a month ago. Time to move to Toronto. Lol


Since they’re doing surveys again, why not another one on how to decide speed ties? Call me suspicious, but I still find it hard to believe that the majority wanted to keep this broken system. At least some of them have surely been enlightened in the meantime… or perhaps now see the need to participate.

Why not simply let RNG decide who goes first? Just like it decides so much else in this game. Surely no one can argue with that!

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I would prefer a proper rock paper scissors to decide. There is enough randomness at the moment. At least you can play mind games