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Skilled matchmaking might have a problem

i play PvP at 1430-1550 trophies, most of the the time i face insanely boosted rexs with my lvl 11-15 team members. i keep losing my trophies and keep falling under 1500 because of this(i cant even boost my dinos because im lvl 9). it doesnt feel rewarding to go grinding and advance nowhere in an hour. the game says that opponents are chosen in regards of my trophy count and creature level, but i dont think thats true, i dont believe that no one in 1500-2000 trophy limit has similar level creatures without annoying boosts in melee and speed. its funny to see one of two outcomes every battle, either i completely overpower them or they completely overpower me. im sure this isnt as big of a problem in high trophies or very low trophies because everyone is either very new or very experienced with either very high level creatures or very low level creatures. the middle ground seems to be a mix of both, sometimes i face lvl 4-6 commons and sometimes i face lvl 15-20 epics, legendaries and even sometimes uniques. i also dont feel like struggling for the rewards, 2000 trophies for 50 blue dna? i dont want to play against inconsistant opponents for a chance to get up there for 50 epic dna. sure if you already are there its a nice bonus but if the reward of 50 blue dna is presented to a person with a road to travel, i would rather wait for the next seasons rewards to motivate me, but until then i would much rather save my gasoline.

He’s either a dropper or a whale

Sorry but matchmaking sucks in this game, you just need to be patient cause it’s only gonna get worse

Whale? I know dropper but not whale, what’s that?

A p2w person who always buys all the boosts

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Boosts are terrible for matchmaking because matchmaking focuses on your lvl and the dinos lvls. Boosts don’t lvl up dinos so they are not determined in matchmaking.

what if boosts can be only applied after lvl 30 and the creature would level up. there would be only a level boosts that are rare, or if you get 10 of each boost you can level up the creature and for every level up the boost amount required jumps up by 5

Boosts do not equal skill

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Lol :joy: I got a kick out of your comment here.

Don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but it actually doesn’t get better as you go higher. You’ll hit the madhouse that is the aviary, and eventually (at 5100 where I am) you’ll get used to seeing most things at 140+ speed against your 135 max speed creatures and say “I’ll never win”. Then you’re matched against a poor soul with no boosts and crush him. It’s the same in the advantage tournaments, the match ends before the first dino is picked. While boring and lame, it appears to have become the norm…your best bet is to treat all your matches as losses and be excited when your opponent trips up and you squeak out a win.