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Skilled Tournament Making Arenas Easier?

I mean:

With many players busy in skilled tournament while its open, and having to switch dinos to battle in tournament and normal arena…

are arenas with less players, and consequently easier, while skill tour open?


Yes, especially since some of us in the tournament unintentionally end up in the arena with our tourney team and hand our opponents easy wins… I did that 3 times today :neutral_face:


this explains me facing tarbos, rex, and so on in high lockwood. :laughing:

Yeah. It makes for easy trophies at least. I’m probably just going to ignore the tournaments since I’m not strong enough to get anywhere.

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I felt like such a fool (didn’t even notice at first that I was in the Aviary not Fairgrounds)… at least I wasn’t the only one :laughing:

I.also think some people are arena dropping because of the new mm rule in the Aviary…

honestly i simply want to be able to complete those 26-30 strike towers more often, and with the stat boosts being in the daily battle incubator, its more effective to drop in arenas and get all the daily incubators you want with little effort to get those stat boosts. Cup/trophies dont give you anything in game, so there’s no reason to bother focusing on them. if ludia wanted to stop arena dropping(which they clearly dont), they’d add reward tiers based on how many trophies you get/accumulate or give out rewards based on challenges you complete that are only related to the arena and how many trophies you get. i dont know, im just shooting out babble i guess.

but higher arenas give higher boosts.

and… those 2 or 3% chances for that specific dinos from incubators hahaha.