Skills don't work

5 fights in the reinforcement tournament, 3 creatures with stunning skills, counting on stun with exchange, in none of these battles did this ability work, and the creatures are not immune. However, those of opposing creatures always work.
The game definitely doesn’t balance things out.

RNG i was lucky enough to not get stuned by an enia while my draco always stuned but once

Word of advice. Never expect the swap in stun to work :joy:. Seriously though I usually just use swap in stunning strike for the damage, not the stun. I only try to stun if it’s my absolute last option. I do the same thing in the arena with Nemys.


Make sure you take both possibilities into account. And sometimes missing the stun is better

They should also never expect to get the CRIT when they need it, while the opponent is free to get five or six CRITs :joy:

Dodge seems to be the only one that’s working a little more consistently these days.

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My Kelken’s evasive strike respectfully disagrees :rofl:

Never risk in this game unless you have to.