Skin strikes?

do you guys think there will be skin strikes? like emote strikes or badge strikes? let me know what you think


Maybe for some of the never used commons and rares but anything you will actually see, no


Perhaps for non hybrid creatures

I just hope there aren’t any vip exclusives or ones you can only get by paying. It should be more of a skill trophy than just paying for it. Maybe as a daily gifts reward since there isn’t anything else after indominus DNA and maybe from the campaign too for completing intermediate missions, and as mentioned previously in another forum level based skins like in jwtg


Sounded to me you have to buy them. Doesn’t matter it’s just a cosmetic. Not worth any money in my opinion.


I’d be fine if they just gave you the option to skip the grind and just buy the skin, the exclusive part is mostly what I’m worried about

Do they mean purchase exclusive or obtainable through the Jurassic pass even if you don’t pay with real money?

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Really excited about skins, but I do hope there are no real money ones


Let’s just hope that they will not replace any useful (boosts, coins, DNA…) stikes with skin strikes. Already hate to see these useless emote and badge strikes on the map…

Really cannot care less about things like emotes, badges or skins. Let Ludia sell them via store and hope that this additional money will lead to them giving out more useful stuff like boost reset tokens :slight_smile:


Jinxed it. Personally just really care about skins of dinos that are based on their movie appearances. Itd be better if skins badges titles and emotes are all just in 1 4 step incubator a week so we get more useful strikes or logically add atleast coins to these strikes but ludiajam prob said no already

For me the skins will be only for hybrids.

I just want the JP3 raptor lol that’s it. Could care less of skins to make the game look cartoon and kid like. That’s what JWTG is for, the less realistic look. Skins is just a money grab for those who care about cosmetics. Like buying outfits and colors for weapons and stuff in video games. Complete waste of money.


Would be cool

Agree on why jwa atleast has superior models to most games out there including jwtg. I honestly want all the raptor skins like they did w evo. Can never go wrong with those lost world raptors

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Indeed… Already starting to feel that boost tokens was a nerf of a boost reset.
A lot of tokens are needed to have the same result as a boost reset.

Tokens could be good… But then they need to distribute them frequently.
One of each every update…for example. Because then you can use it if your creature has been nerfed.

Or give us the option to buy them with for example hc. (like boosts, coins etc).
Not as often as boosts though…