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Skins for dinos

Hey guys! I’m thinking. For me, the game is kinda boring. Same battles, same dinos, nothing special. But it would be good, if you could customize your creatures. Just imagine an azure blue Thor, or an albino Dioraja or dinos with classic Jurassic park skins. What do you think guys?


Nah, not a good idea as dinos are suppose to be in the wild and roaming the world if you can customize them it just wouldn’t fit

It’s been asked for many times. I think it would be nice as a cheap micro transaction.


While I love the idea of skins, I think that would make gen2s and gen3s useless, because they’re basically different skins (just with different moves)

I mean gen 2/3 can be seen as like dealing with different environments causing the different movesets mainly so the different skins wouldn’t be ruining the point of other gens in my opinions

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Somewhat, but even then, you could just have visually distinct skins for the different generations. A lot of Gen 1/2 variants are Epic and below, too, and personally, I think they ought to mostly restrict skins to Uniques, Apexes, and maybe one alt skin for Legendaries. Skins for Epics, Rares, and Commons seem unnecessary IMO.

In the example of something like Indoraptor, though, the Unique and Legendary could be distinguished just by maintaining the shade differential on them–Unique gets mostly darker skins, while the Legendary gets lighter color skins.

I don’t think Gen 1/2 is really prohibitive to skins, which I think would open up a lot of opportunities for achievements (and transactions, even though I’m not really supporting them for that purpose)

Yeah but what About the hybrids? Tryostronix, magna, erliko, draco, tsungaia and the others? They dont have gen 2.

I’d assume if you added a skin to a dino, it would only affect it in your deck(when you see all it on the platform) and in battle, when the creature spawns in the wild i’d then guess it has it just has its regular coloring’s.